S11 | 06 – The Language of Strengths with Tina Clem

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A youth in trouble isn’t a lost cause; they’re an opportunity for hope and leadership. That’s the mindset Tina Clem of Calgary Youth Justice Society has when working with youth who have been in the court system. And the language the youth gain through their work with CYJS is just what sets them on the right path.

S06 | 10 – Finding your Joy Spot with Leona deVinne

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Many believe that joy is something that certain people are just born with, or that it is a feeling only afforded to the privileged. Today’s guest firmly disagrees and has made it her mission to help everyone find the spots of joy in their lives. Leona deVinne joins us today to share how she found joy during times of immense …

S06 | 09 – Moving Forward Without Regret with Eric Wiehler

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We all have dreams and goals we are motivated to achieve. But sometimes when we finally achieve those goals, we find they don’t align with what we actually want in life. Maybe your priorities changed or the lifestyle just doesn’t end up meeting your needs. How can you move forward from that? This is something today’s guest is all too …