Believing in Your Future with Fanelson Strongitharm

S08 | 03 – Believing in Your Future with Fanelson Strongitharm

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In the midst of Covid lockdown, young Fanelson Strongitharm boarded a plane and flew from Haiti to his new home in Canada. Filled with happiness and gratitude for his new home and family, he now continues to look forward to his future with peace and optimism. He believes that we can all make a difference in the world, and that we are capable of being whatever it is that we want to be.

Hope Motivates Action Podcast S1.E4. Krista Tovell

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Krista is a very determined and strong-willed individual who is always looking or the positive take on any situation. Krista has three mantras in life that have helped her through almost every situation she has been in. Krista Tovell is 37 years old and has a strong passion for Travel and Family so it as only natural for Krista to …

Hope Motivates Action Podcast S1.E3. Hope

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Hope is a big motivator for me – that promise of a positive future outcome is what keeps me trying the next right thing. That’s what you’re going to hear in each and every episode of this podcast. Stories, advice and tips from people using hope to motivate action in their lives. Hello! My name is Lindsay Recknell and this …

Hope Motivates Action Podcast S1.E2. Andrea Torraville

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Hope has played a large role in Andrea’s life as she has navigated mental health, discrimination, scarcity, parenthood and divorce. Andrea shares how a challenging life moment prompted her to take action in her personal development and seek out a coach to help her through the next stages of her life, in this episode, she will teach us how she …

Hope Motivates Action Podcast S1.E1. Cherie Lee

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Cherie has had such an interesting life, one that she has navigated with a combination of spiritual faith and practical hope, Cherie believes that hope should not be the entire strategy, but part of a bigger strategy, one that compliments a plan of action. Born in Salem, Oregon in 1967, Cherie Lee moved to Calgary in 2004. Cherie is a …

No scenes! No scenes!

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Every time my husband and I finish another episode on our PVR and the on-screen announcer says, “Scenes from next week’s episode…”, I cry “no scenes! no scenes!”. I mean, I get why TV producers do it – they want to give you a preview of what’s to come so you’re sure to tune in when the next episode becomes …