Hard to Hopeful

S03 | 02 – From Hard to Hopeful Life with Kyle Radick

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In this episode, you’ll meet Kyle Radick, a Vancouver-based husband and father of two small boys. I’ve known Kyle a long time and think of him as a driven, motivated and hopeful guy, an attitude he’s developed through a ton of hard work as you’ll hear in his story. I love episodes like this because as Kyle is telling his …

Power of habits

Change the sound.

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I spend a lot of time reading about, researching and trying to change, my habits. Unconsciously, our behaviours are influenced in a huge way by our habits, the routines we’ve executed on over the years. From addictions to fitness routines, to eating, driving and even how we get dressed in the morning, how our brain processes these routines is even …

Feet to Floor

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I love sleep. Like really, really love sleep. I’m not sure what I was like as a kid (Mom?) but as an adult, I really wish work-time came with nap-time. I also love mornings. Like really, really love mornings. When I’m up, coffee is poured and the sun is streaming through the front windows, I’m not sure there’s a happier …