Releasing Resistance with Larisa Makuch

S08 | 06 – Releasing Resistance with Larisa Makuch

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Now, when it comes to shifting the thought process I was studying. So I love studying, I’m sure you’re familiar with a lot of these texts as well. I can’t remember what I was studying. But it was I was studying something about re releasing resistance. And when I really came up with that idea, and when I really started to study that and started to think about that. That was the ultimate turning point. Because I had realized I had all this resistance, I had realized that the attitude I was presenting in the situation that the thoughts, the feelings, the actions, they weren’t aligned. And even though I pretended they were deep down, I knew my truth.

S05 | 12- Living a Purposeful Life with Hung Nguyen

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Finding purpose in life is a journey, some may even call it an…amazing race? Well, this week’s guest is no stranger to races or to hope! From her parents’ story of seeking refuge after the Vietnam War to the 5-weeks that changed her life, Hung has found hope through her trials and tribulations. Join us as we dig deep into …