Caring for Yourself as a Caregiver with Moira Cleary

S07 | 09 – Caring for Yourself as a Caregiver with Moira Cleary

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Many people fit into the role of “caregiver”, such as parents, children, and leaders. But something that all different types of caregivers tend to have in common is that they are so focused on caring for others that they stop caring for themselves in the process.

You have your own journey and your own story as a caregiver, and it is not selfish to recognize that and give yourself space to just be yourself. Because caring for others is not all that you are or do.

S05 | 10 – Be a Catalyst for Hope with Denise Summers

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One thing that’s become abundantly clear to the world this past year is that mental health does not discriminate. Anybody in any situation is susceptible to experiencing mental illness, addiction, abuse, or any other sort of trauma. Denise Summers joins us on the podcast today to explain that this is exactly why hope is a necessity. Everybody needs to have …

S04 | 12 – Rising to the Occasion with Connie Jakab

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During times of crisis, who do you look to for support? Or are you the one people look to? One thing is for sure, hope is created socially. A supportive community is imperative in helping each other to heal. That’s what today’s guest, Connie Jakab, is here to teach us today. She is an expert in providing hope to those …

S04 | 11 – Reversing Roles with Jenny Smith

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As we get older, some things become inevitable. There are difficult decisions we will have to end up making on our parents’ behalf, and along with those come difficult conversations. It feels so easy and comforting to put them off until later… right? Jenny Smith from When Roles Reverse joined me today to talk about how having these difficult conversations …

S04 | 10 – Motivated Action with Sean Crump and Derek Deacon-Rogers

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My definition of hope is “the future will be better than today by taking action over the things we can control”. The average person walks through life completely unaware of how accessible (or inaccessible) the world around them is for others. But the reality of life for many people who have unique characteristics and needs is that the world is …

S04 | 09 – Building Hope Through Humor with Lindsay Harle-Kadatz

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When you find yourself slipping into the cloudiness of depression, stress, or anxiety, how do you cope and find the motivation to get through it? There are many coping methods you might see as a beacon in the darkness, but today’s guest specializes in using humor. Lindsay Harle-Kadatz’s story is all about finding the humor in our lowest times, reaching …

S04 | 08 – Healing Stress with Craniosacral Therapy with Devan Ridsdale

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Feeling stressed? Experiencing burnout? With the current state of the world, I don’t doubt it. But we don’t have to let the overwhelm take over our lives. By managing our stressors we can energize ourselves to find the solutions we need to make it through the hard times. Devan Ridsdale joins the podcast to tell us about the success she’s …

S04 | 07 – Building Hope through Community with Liz Duerholt

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A sense of community and belonging brings hope and meaning to our lives. But… how? And why are these connections so important to us? According to Liz Duerholt, today’s guest on the Hope Motivates Action podcast and Executive Director of Redefine’d, it’s all about the redefinition of our stories and expectations, and creating sustainable change in our lives. Liz’s work …

S04 | 06 – Create a Future Better Than Today with Elise Montgomery

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It’s often difficult to envision the long term effects of our present decisions and emotions. Human nature desires instant gratification, preferably with minimal effort put in. But if we want to change our futures for the better, we must change our current behaviors. Otherwise we will always experience the same results. Today’s guest, Elise Montgomery, joined me to discuss future …

S04 | 05 – Identifying Your Own Motivational Experiences with Kristen Dyck

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It’s very easy to feel inadequate when it comes to our own experiences, especially when there are so many incredible and inspirational stories coming from those around us. We’ve been hardwired to believe that we need a big, dramatic story in order for it to be worth sharing. Kristen Dyck joins us today to disprove this notion, telling us that …