S03 | 06 – Why Hope Matters with Jodie Rogers

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In this week’s episode of the podcast, Jodie Rogers is back but this time she’s doing the interview! Jodie and I talk about my favourite topic, HOPE, and why it’s so important right now, how we can use it to our advantage and how being hopeful isn’t just thinking positive but actually using hope as motivation for action. I tell …

My Philosophy, in all the Words

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I truly believe there’s a way to succeed in whatever goal I’m reaching for, nothing is impossible. For sure, might not always happen on an original timetable and the journey will definitely take detours but with Hope, Action and Creativity, combined with Confidence and Tenacity to keep going, it’s all possible. Those are the keys, I believe. First Hope – …

Power of habits

Change the sound.

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I spend a lot of time reading about, researching and trying to change, my habits. Unconsciously, our behaviours are influenced in a huge way by our habits, the routines we’ve executed on over the years. From addictions to fitness routines, to eating, driving and even how we get dressed in the morning, how our brain processes these routines is even …