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Work/Life Integration is the secret to doing all the things

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It’s been a hot minute since I’ve sent out any regular content and there are really no excuses for that. I’ve spent the last few months upside down about what kinds of content would be best to share and what sorts of stories you would like to hear.

Lately, I’ve found the thing that works best for me to get out of my head and get words down on paper is the concept of Morning Pages – writing three pages of words, without stopping, just pen to paper and a stream of consciousness, spelling mistakes be damned!

It can be hard – the spelling mistakes get me every time – but I’ve definitely found this to be the best way to get the heck out of my head and around the mental blocks and constant questions, like “what do I write?”, or “how do I say that?”, and especially, “what do people want to know?”.

That’s what I’ve been the most focused on lately – what is it that I can teach that you might like to know, that would be valuable to you and other people and also enrich your life in some way?

I’m often asked, “How do you do all the things?”

So that’s the question I’m going to answer in a series of posts over the next eight weeks – I’m excited to have you follow along!

The eight week timeline is intentional. On August 31st, I’m going to open the doors to the membership program I’ve been working on called  #BetterThanToday. The program is all about helping you integrate your work with your life, while finding the two most elusive factors in our lives – TIME MONEY – all leading you to a future better than today.

That’s my definition of Hope – that your future will be better than today by taking action over the things you can control. The key words being FUTUREACTION CONTROL. Those words have been the secret to my success, instrumental in helping me earn my degree while working fulltime, getting married and starting a wedding business concurrently, as well as navigating the unknown, and super scary, world of mental health and addiction.

I’ve found both the time and the money, (and maybe most importantly!) the energy, to do all the things and over the next eight weeks, I’m going to share some of those strategies with you in my Work/Life Integration series.

I’m also going to share stories of others who have used their hope as motivation for action in the form of my podcast. It’s been way too long since I’ve published new episodes but you’re going to love the women and men coming up!

Finally, next week, I’m going to publish a guide to accompany the Work/Life Integration series – my 37 Ways to Find Time & Money download – all for free. Why 37 ways? Because that’s how many fit on the page when I was brainstorming during Morning Pages one day 😊

It’s one of my greatest joys to do this work – to live this life and share this passion for Hope, and Action, towards a better future. I hope you love this series and find some ideas to implement in your own life.

First up this week is the idea that you can Save Time with a Dinner list, an activity I’ve used to successfully integrate work and life (and eliminate boring conversations!) in the last few months.

If you’ve got ideas to share on how you’ve successfully integrated work and life or your best tips on finding time, money or energy, hit the comments below and let me know! I can definitely never learn enough about this stuff.

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