Hi, I'm Lindsay Recknell

expert in hope

Hope has an impact on both our mental and our physical health and in over 2,000 scientific research studies, hope has been identified as the key driver for success in school, in business and in life.

I’m a Calgary-based speaker, facilitator and mental health advocate who works with organizations to increase levels of psychological health & safety in the workplace. I empower individuals, strengthen teams and transform organizations.

Lindsay Recknell - Expert in Hope

Support your employees three ways:


Designed to meet employees where they're at, these 45-60 minute workshops are fun, impactful and educational.
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Mental Health

Comprehensive and completely customizable, designed to increase mental health in the workplace and raise hope levels.

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Safety Audit

Based on the Standard of Psychological Health & Safety, this program will identify how safe your employees feel bringing their best selves to work.
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I also share my message about hope – and practical advice – as a keynote speaker. My style is optimistic and positive with a focus on action and healthy dose of straight-talk.



How did I get here?

Great question.

I have a degree in entrepreneurship and have been my own boss for most of my professional life (thanks to my parent's encouragement many years ago – and their unfailing support ever since). I’ve collaborated on a start-up, spent (many) years in IT consulting and am the founder of a North America-wide online classified marketplace for the bridal industry (called Wedding Recycle).

All the while, I’ve had a keen interest in personal development. But my focus on hope – and the realization that my interest and experience in personal development could be applied to it – came out of a very personal journey.

I didn’t realize I’d lost my hope until the day I recognized I got it back.

Totally innocuous moment – driving along, minding my own business, when I experienced the proverbial “ah-ha!” moment. I sat up a little straighter…and then sunk right back down. Feelings of confidence, fright, realization and sadness washed over me in cycles. I like to think I’m a pretty self-aware person but how on earth did I not realize that I was feeling hopeless in my life - that my life had lost that positive expectation of the future?

To this point, I was feeling “fine”, status quo. Reasonably normal. Not comfortable, but functioning. Tolerating life but not thriving.

At the time, I was consulting 50+ hours a week (budget time, you know), maintaining my existing online business, working as operations manager for another small business entrepreneur and helping the company I consult through to build out a new service area in their business. At home, we were dealing with a lot too.

I’d realized that although I was still achieving at work, holding it together at home, my thoughts of the future, my drive and ambition to accomplish my dreams, had faded into the background and my tomorrow had lost it’s allure.

For the previous three years, my husband and I had been dealing with mental health and sobriety, a journey that taught us both a ton about brain science, the difference between mental illness and mental well being and how to cope, and thrive, when nothing seemed logical or stable.

It was this ah-ha moment where I realized what an impact our journey had on me as a person, as a wife, and the Science of Hope is what I used to get my Hope back. The Science of Hope is what I leveraged to make my future better than today by taking action over the things I can control.

My mission is to get people talking, teach self-awareness and brain science, and help as many people as I can use hope to motivate positive change in their lives

Over 2,000 scientific research studies have shown that a high level of hope is the number one contributing factor resulting in better physical and mental health, increased critical thinking and problem solving skills, increased productivity and goal achievement as well as better grades in school and greater success at higher levels of education. Hope levels can be increased with a growth mindset and in my talks and workshops, such as Hope Motivates Action and Bucket List Builder, individuals and groups will tap into their intrinsic-based motivation, goal setting skills and pathways thinking, contributing to increased levels of personal and organizational performance as well as an overall increased level of well-being for all.

I also host a weekly podcast, titled Hope Motivates Action, conversations with inspiring people reframing the way we’ve traditionally thought about hope and it’s connection to our lives. You can find the podcast on my website, or on Apple, Google and Spotify podcast services.

My style is optimistic and positive with a focus on action and healthy dose of straight-talk. Looking forward to connecting!

Lindsay from above

If this resonates with you, let’s chat. You can reach out or book a consult here. If you’d like to read a little more first, click here to learn more about my programs, here for speaking info, or here to read my blog or listen to my podcast.

When I’m not coaching clients or speaking to groups, you’re likely to find me on a dog walk with my husband and our two golden retrievers, Wylie and Squeak, running, cycling or spoiling our nieces and nephews, 12 of the coolest kids you’ll ever meet.

Can't wait to meet you!