Wellness Webinars

The instant the pandemic gripped our world, humans (and my clients!) were consumed with protecting themselves and those around them...and well they should have been.

This is the time we hold each other closer.

The time we put the greater good ahead of ourselves.

And now that we're moving into different, less reactive and more proactive phases of the pandemic, I'm so excited to hear from clients who are looking out for the mental health of their teams, ensuring their staff feel supported and appreciated and connected.

To this end, I've developed a series of Wellness Webinars, 45-60 minute virtual workshops that are interactive, educational and fun 😊 The titles are below - any of these interest you?

  1. Work/Life Integration – how balance isn’t a thing but finding harmony is
  2. The Language of Mental Health – how to have, and receive, conversations about our mental health
  3. Connection while Apart – staying connected to our remote teams
  4. Disaster Psychology – the Phases of Disaster and how we can move through each
  5. Put your Own Mask on First – how to prioritize self-care because while people still need you...more importantly, you need you
  6. Keeping Hope High – how the Science of Hope helps us stay hopeful in times of stress and uncertainty
  7. Control what you can Control – how to reduce stress and anxiety by focusing where you have impact
  8. Together Forever: Getting Out of Isolation Alive – how to still like your family when you come out of isolation
  9. Move your Body – how your physical health is tied to your mental health
  10. The Science of Resiliency – a hero's journey to focus on perspective and mindset in times of stress
  11. Why Music Matters – how to use rhythm to lower our stress and anxiety
  12. Tap into Hope Theory to raise Hope Levels – combine Goals + Agency Thinking + Pathways Thinking to keep your hope high
  13. Boundaries and Burnout - how to create, communicate and enforce boundaries to guard against burnout
  14. Grab your Keys, your Wallet & your Mask...we're going back! - leverage your inherent strengths to navigate this new season

Each session is $995 for an unlimited number of participants or four (4) sessions for the discounted price of $3,400.

Want all 14 in the series? Let's talk about the discount available on that!

Each of these webinars are informative, experiential and interactive, even though they will be virtual. They will be a nice balance of funny and entertaining while also serious enough to resonate so your team can implement these ideas in their own lives.

I can deliver the webinars through Zoom, with breakout rooms, through Microsoft Teams or if you have another application you’re more accustomed to using, I can adapt for that as well. I suggest recording these sessions too, with your permission, so anyone who misses one in the series can go back and watch/listen to it later.

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