Hope for Humans

Virtual Group Mastermind Programs

The next step in your journey to action your hope is to check out my virtual mastermind programs, Hope for Humans.

The flagship series is called Hope for Caregivers, a twelve week, group accountability program designed to support those of us who are caregiving for others, likely at the expense of ourselves and our own personal goals. There are also focused programs for Entrepreneurs and Leaders as well as groups specifically for Men, Women, Teens and Kids to come in the next six months.

These programs are for us as humans - those of us who are interested in continuing to learn and grow, set and achieve big goals and little goals and are looking for a community of awesome support people to teach us along the way.

by the end of our time together, you will:

dream  bigger - and have a plan to accomplish those dreams

connect your priorities to your passions - and learn to forgive yourself for the guilt likely holding you back

learn from experts on topics such as burn-out, time management and priority setting - and the tactics to actually implement their lessons in your real life

find a community of people from around the world - Humans you can depend on, support and encourage in their journey while they're cheering for you

Ready to action your hope? 

*payment via PayPal, to my incorporated company, Paradigm Bend Inc.

Hope for Caregivers

  • Content tailored to those of us who are caregiving for others, likely at the expense of ourselves and our own personal goals
  • Virtual mastermind group of like-minded people
  • 12 weeks of weekly, 2hr Zoom calls
  • Access to the exclusive Facebook group
  • Guest experts in the fields of academia, science, corporate life and entrepreneurship
  • Theory and homework each week to enhance learning
  • Peer feedback and support
Program starts Tues, May 19th 2020

Hope for Entrepreneurs

Hope for Leaders

Hope for women

Hope for men

Hope for teens

Hope for Kids

  • These additional programs to launch in summer 2020
  • 12 week virtual mastermind group with tailored content
  • More experts in their field
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How it works

For less than the cost of a cup of coffee per day, you'll receive hope and motivation in the form of education, inspiration, practical tools and open communication which will go an awfully long way to your future being even better than today.

Each participant will complete the Bucket List Builder experience, an extraordinary video-based exercise where you will gain clarity, feel hopeful, get excited and propel you to action so you can live a life that brings you joy and fulfillment!

For 12 weeks, you'll participate in a weekly, 2-hour Zoom call where you'll learn something new related to topics such as Burn-out, Prioritiziation, Passion & Purpose, Goal Execution and of course, Hope!

We'll be joined by experts in their fields, who will share their actionable tips to implement in your own life right away

You'll participate in 1:1 Peer feedback, asking questions and sharing your knowledge with those in our mastermind group. 

At the end of our time together, you'll have the tools in your toolbox to "rinse and repeat" what you've learned, a tight group of friends from around the world and an amazing feeling of accomplishment!

"Lindsay is amazing, positive, motivational and inspirational. Loved it - highly informative and collaborative" - Max

"The program is awesome! You are so knowledgeable and I can't thank you enough for sharing this passion with us." - Karen

"Weekly calls are very clear, concise and engaging. Want more - more training on how to harness the "power" I discovered" - Laura

The Benefits

Those of us caring for others often put our own priorities aside to focus on those we're caring for. But here's the thing...you can't pour from an empty cup. Even the airlines tell us to put our own masks on first before helping others because we're no good to anyone if we're not first taking care of ourselves.

Hope for Caregivers is a way to put yourself first, without sacrificing your love and attention on others. People still need you but more importantly, you need you.

So join us - see that it's possible to rediscover your passions and accomplish your goals without jeopardizing your commitments to others. 

“The Hero engages in self-discovery and self-creation so that he can ultimately be more useful to others.”

- eric greitens, us navy seal

If you’d like to chat more about the transformative power of Hope for Caregivers or how I can help you – or your group – become more aware of yourself and others, let’s chat.