Adjust my Balance.

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My favourite time of day is 645am, when I’m done exercising, dressed for the day, have my coffee and I sit on the couch with the dogs.

Just sit.

Peaceful. No technology. Just sit.

It’s a strange feeling…the sitting. I remember early in our relationship, Robbie noticed my foot was bouncing while we talked. He made an observation about how I’m not often still – he’s been a good influence on that part of my life. Helping me to slow down and recognize the strength and power that comes from just sitting sometimes.

I don’t do it often enough maybe but I’ve learned to adjust my balance.

I like the imagery of balance but not in the sense of having to be “even” or perfectly level because I don’t know if that’s a thing. Seems like striving for that kind of balance is an exercise in futility – something virtually impossible to achieve…and I like to achieve!

Balance more along the lines of regular adjustment, small corrections to alignment depending on the situation.

Take 5am Club, for example. I’m often hard on myself when I sleep in past 5am because I know how much I love the feeling at 7am when 5am Club is over 🙂 But the balance is knowing it’s okay to wake up and start 5am Club activities at 6am or 7am…it’s about doing my morning exercises and giving myself the time and space for no technology…who cares if that doesn’t happen at exactly 5am, as long as it happens?

Those are the adjustments to make – physically with time, if circumstances call for it, balancing hours of sleep with 5am Club as a concept, not as a defined thing with boundaries. But also an adjustment in mindset – permission and space to adjust – not shame and guilt for colouring outside the lines. If I can stick to the routine of getting to bed by 10pm and waking by 5am, awesome.

And if I can’t, adjust and move on.

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  1. I love that last line. Its so true. I am going to use it as my new mantra. Great reminder to be kind to OurselvES, feel less guilt and Let go.
    Thanks Linds

    1. Post

      I’m so glad this resonated with you Lyndsay! It’s the letting go and not obsessing about the adjustments that I have a hard time with…I need these little reminders myself!

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