S12 | 04 – Building Hope Through Community with Reina Pomeroy

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Tragedy doesn’t always happen in isolation. Sometimes tragedy hits an entire community, impacting hundreds of households and thousands of lives. That was the case in December 2021 when the Marshall fire hit the town of Superior, Colorado, a suburb of Denver.

With so many families displaced, those impacted could find solace in their community. This week on the podcast, I’m talking to one of those survivors.

Reina Pomeroy’s family had just moved to the area from California 20 weeks prior, thinking they were escaping the risk of wildfires in their new community. And being so new to the area at the time of the fire, and in the midst of Covid, Reina’s family had made few connections and friends.

In the devastation and grief of the fire and being one of 1,086 families to lose their home, Reina found support and hope in the mobilization and rebuilding of the community. Though the process is far from over, Reina’s and other families are dealing with the grief by going through it together and despite the many steps backward, they’re finding hope in the progress they’re making.

About Reina Pomeroy:

Reina Pomeroy is a former Social Worker turned Community Builder in her professional life but she had no idea the special meaning that her work would have when she and her family lost their home in the Marshall, Colorado fire in December of 2021. When this happened, Reina drew on her professional skills and experience and co-founded the not-for-profit called Marshall Together where she and other fire survivors work together to build a network and community to support each other and others who lost everything, as they navigate their way home. 

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