Turning Tragedy into Hope with Maggie Lam

S07 | 11 – Turning Tragedy into Hope with Maggie Lam

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Today’s guest, Maggie Lam, is here to tell her personal story of not only persevering through tragedy, but using it as a catalyst for growth. Maggie believes that experiencing hardships is an opportunity for transformation and to bring about a better version of yourself. It’s not that you never allow yourself to feel sadness, grief, anger, or any other emotions, but you allow yourself to experience them, process them, and then accept what has happened and decide how to move forward with intentionality.

Forging Your Own Recovery with Corinne Simpson

S07 | 10 – Forging Your Own Recovery with Corinne Simpson

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Recovery isn’t one size fits all. You may have to break out of the box to forge a way to your recovery. That’s what today’s guest, Corinne Simpson, did, and she just recently celebrated her 20th year of sobriety! Despite her respect for programs like AA, they just didn’t work for her and what she wanted from her sobriety, so she found something that did. You can do the same.

Listen in as she shares the amazing possibilities and options for recovery that are out there, and how she was able to forge her own recovery and rebuild her life to be what she wanted.

Caring for Yourself as a Caregiver with Moira Cleary

S07 | 09 – Caring for Yourself as a Caregiver with Moira Cleary

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Many people fit into the role of “caregiver”, such as parents, children, and leaders. But something that all different types of caregivers tend to have in common is that they are so focused on caring for others that they stop caring for themselves in the process.

You have your own journey and your own story as a caregiver, and it is not selfish to recognize that and give yourself space to just be yourself. Because caring for others is not all that you are or do.

Disaster Psychology

Disaster Psychology Helps to Explain Our Response During Crisis

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Today I’d like to speak about a new science that I was introduced to today called Disaster Psychology.  I received an email from a girlfriend this morning, which was a forward of a newsletter that she received from an author that she and I are both familiar with. The author is Dr. Tasha Ulrich, a Ph.D. in Psychology and her …

Has the shock worn off?

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Yesterday was a weird day. Even weirder than normal, given the state of the global crisis right now. My sister mentioned a similar feeling over the weekend – almost like the shock is wearing off and our bodies have started to drop that natural defense we put up to protect ourselves in times of high stress and crisis. It’s shock …

Seven Podcasts to Stay Distracted and Uplift your Days

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On this morning’s edition of the Daily Hope Check-in Facebook Live video, I shared my seven favourite podcasts – hosts and guests that have in equal parts uplifted me, inspired me, educated me and humbled me. In these uncertain times, especially when most of our media and conversations are overrun with coronavirus and COVID-19, let these be your escape into …