S12 | 03 – Beauty as a Path to Hope with Nina Kins

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Hope and beauty have a lot in common. They can work together, one can inspire the other, and they can both encourage someone to take action. All three are true for this week’s guest, Nina Kins.

After a number of very difficult life circumstances, Nina was just starting to get back on her feet when she received a cancer diagnosis. A fighter, she put her head down and went to battle, but she didn’t think a lot about having hope of getting out the other side. At the same time, she watched many other cancer patients, many with much bleaker outcomes, exude hope in every doctor’s waiting room she sat in.

Eventually, Nina started to see hope in her situation. And some of that hope came from the beauty of watching others fight.

Now cancer free, Nina continues to navigate this new life she finds herself in and is digging back into childhood to tie hope and beauty together in a new podcast. Her new perspective is helping her to align her walk with her talk as she brings a love of beauty, in all its forms, to others.

Nina and I are so aligned in how we look at hope and beauty and the science behind it. If you’ve been a long-time listener, you’re going to be nodding along as you listen.

About Nina Kins:

Writer and self-proclaimed Beauty Explorer, Nina Kins hosts This is Beauty Podcast where she invites us to reimagine the role of Beauty in our lives. Educated as a journalist and social historian, and trained as a marketing research analyst, Nina brings a unique blend of expertise and experience to her combined roles as a producer and host of the show.

Nina began her career in advertising with Ogilvy Advertising before transitioning into media and film production, working first as a production coordinator and then as a stylist on advertising campaigns for major brands After returning to school to pursue her masters, Nina moved to the Silicon Valley where she worked in mobile technology development before transitioning into branded entertainment in Los Angeles.

Though Nina’s personal passions for history, science, culture, literature and the arts have been instrumental in shaping her podcast, her primary mission is to entertain and inspire her listeners by taking them on a voyage of discovery into the very heart of beauty where moments of joy, hope, and wonder still abound.

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