My counsellor is Dr. Mike.

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Monday mornings I get the chance to check in with one of my mentors, a really cool lady with a ton of related professional and personal experience. She took me on as a mentee six or seven months ago and I’m forever thankful that she chose me. Usually we talk about professional development things but today we talked more personally and it came up that I regularly go to see a counsellor, part of my well-being maintenance plan.

My counsellor is Dr. Mike, a title I’ve given him out of respect for his advice and intelligence although he’s not an actual doctor. I found him by happenstance but we’ve really connected and I always leave his office with a feeling of calm, some actions and usually a book recommendation or two. Similar to a great friendship or romantic relationship, I believe that the connection between me and my mental health professional has to be intuitively “right” and I also believe there needs to be genuine respect on both sides of the couch (or the comfy chairs, in this case).

I feel this connection with Dr. Mike.

Why do I tell you all this?

Because I’m forever talking about the importance of mental health maintenance, how going to seek someone’s professional help for our mind is as important as going to the dentist or doctor for our check-ups. I wouldn’t go to the dentist annually without brushing my teeth daily so why would I go to see someone about my mental health only when I really need it? The maintenance of mental health provides me the tools and resources I need when my mental well-being isn’t at it’s best.

I realized many people probably don’t know that I see a mental health professional on the regular. Not that it’s anyone’s business specifically but as a mental health advocate, someone who’s really into sharing stories to support and encourage other people to talk out loud, I thought maybe you might like to know that I’m on a maintenance plan and working hard at continuing to be better.

In case you’ve been thinking of finding your own counsellor, psychologist or other mental health professional.

In case you’ve been wondering when the right time was to seek out professional care and support.

Or, in case you’ve been curious to learn a little bit more about my personal well-being plan.

I’m getting better at talking out loud so if you have any questions or want to learn more, I’m here for the asking. That’s how we continue to reduce the stigma, how we’re mentored and guided by people with experiences to share – by asking and answering questions.

So bring them on if you have them 🙂

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