S03 | 11 – Growing Resiliency Through Hope with Nic Ethridge Calder

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The pandemic has certainly changed our lives and altered the way we connect with each other and our communities. For many of us, we are left to feel isolated and unsure of how to build and maintain these connections in our current reality. At many times, we feel a sense of hopelessness creeping into our corner. 

Today we are joined by Consciousness and Resiliency Coach, Nic Ethridge Calder, to talk about how we can grow our resiliency during difficult times through hope. I truly believe that we experience hard times as a way to build our resilience, and Nic shares with us how we can shift our perspectives and adapt our behavior in order to do this.

By focusing and taking action on what we can control day to day, we can build a resilience to motivate ourselves to endure hard times. Nic teaches us that just like a garden growing in the desert, we can be resilient, symbols of hope within our own lives and communities.

About Nic:

Nic Etheridge Calder lives and works in Calgary, Alberta. Nic is a certified coach and has an MA in leadership. After spending a decade in non-profit he started his own practice as a Consciousness & Resiliency Coach. He does consulting within the non-profit sector, provides workshops on occupational stress and growth, and operates a short-term rental and property management company with his partner, Sam.

Inclusion, human rights, and space for variety is important to him. He practices from a framework of authentic leadership and loves working with people and organizations that are interested in growing and shifting perspectives. To learn more, visit his website, or connect with him on LinkedIn and Instagram.

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