S07 | 01 – Chiropractic Pathways to Hope with Dr. Madelyn Plett

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Chiropractic care is often seen as cracking backs to help relieve pain. And while that can be true, that is only a small part of what a chiropractor can really do.

Dr. Madelyn Plett joins the podcast today to shed light on how chiropractic care has evolved over the years and how it truly contributes to your holistic wellbeing. Called to her career early in life after a transformative chiropractic experience of her own, Madelyn shares the importance of this care in proactive health care, healing trauma, and bringing a stronger balance to the connection between your body and mind. She has seen first hand the transformation this has brought to her patients of all ages, and is passionate about helping others be able to live deeper, more hopeful lives.

Listen in to learn more about this pathway to hope!

About Dr. Madelyn Plett: 

Dr. Madelyn Plett was born and raised in Calgary. She has 3 siblings and is lucky to be a part of a big chaotic loving family. When I was 16, she saw her first chiropractor. It changed her life and she knew at that age it was what she wanted to be. She completed her bachelor of science at the University of Calgary and then moved to San Francisco Bay Area for chiropractic college. There, her passion for chiropractic was catapulted.

She began acquiring additional training to better care for pregnant and pediatric populations, which has become her focus in practice. Madelyn and her partner have started their own office in Calgary called Connected Chiropractic, where they work to bring high quality, heart-focused care to Calgary’s individuals and families.

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