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As we get older, some things become inevitable. There are difficult decisions we will have to end up making on our parents’ behalf, and along with those come difficult conversations. It feels so easy and comforting to put them off until later… right?

Jenny Smith from When Roles Reverse joined me today to talk about how having these difficult conversations early on can actually provide more hope and joy in both yours and your parents lives as you navigate challenging circumstances. Difficult conversations will always be difficult, but being prepared and being intentional will give you the freedom to be more present in the face of these challenges.

Listen in to learn more so that you can fully begin to focus on the things most important to you

About Jenny:

Jenny Smith is a heart centered mom, daughter, coach, and facilitator whose work is grounded in her own experiences. She turned 42 this year and feels like she has never been more alive and more vibrant. Jenny has a bachelor of arts degree in Sociology, 14 years experience as a corporate HR professional, and is a trained co-active coach. She leads with passion, compassion, and love, and has made it her purpose in life to guide people towards joy.
Learn more about her business, When Roles Reverse, and follow her on Facebook and Instagram.

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