S07 | 02 – Taking Action on Your Dreams with Kelly Strongitharm

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Where there’s a will, there’s a way.

It’s a popular saying, but as today’s guest proves, it’s also totally true. Kelly Strongitharm believes that there’s always a way to reach your goals. You just need to figure out how and make it happen. Today she shares her incredible story of hope with us, detailing the risks and opportunities she seized in order to make her vision a reality. Her ambition and trust in her own ability to take on big challenges is not only inspiring, but has allowed her to accomplish amazing, seemingly impossible things time and time again.

You can do the seemingly impossible in your own life. Believe in yourself, believe in your goals, and take action on your dreams. Listen in!

About Kelly Strongitharm: 

Kelly Strongitharm is the founder of the Ruben’s Shoes Society and the author of I am Emmanuel. As a child of adoption, Kelly understands the profound need for all children to know belonging and connection. In 2020, she became the mom to a beautiful boy from Haiti, and her mission to create impact at home, as well as abroad, became her next great purpose. Her love of animals, mostly her 2 dogs, has translated into a plant-based lifestyle, where she hopes to expand on this on her new 5 acre property that she was able to manifest into reality.

To learn more, you can connect with Kelly on LinkedIn.

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