Releasing Resistance with Larisa Makuch

S08 | 06 – Releasing Resistance with Larisa Makuch

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When we’re young and planning out the rest of our lives, we sort of do it with this naive assumption that everything will go exactly according to plan. And then when it doesn’t, our world seems to fall apart. We blame ourselves for not working hard enough or for not being good enough. But the truth is we just need to be more flexible and willing to learn along the way.

Larisa Makuch had experience with this on her fertility journey, and she joins me today to talk about what she calls releasing resistance⎯⎯letting go of whatever it is that you’re holding onto that’s keeping you from stepping into your fullest potential. Larisa believes that our realities are made up of what we believe to be true, so we have to create space in our lives for opportunity to come to us. As we align our thoughts, feelings, and actions, we can reach the reality that we desire.

Tune in as Larisa details her journey, what she was able to learn from it, and how that mental shift can help you move forward on your own journey.

About Larisa Makuch:

Larisa Makuch is a Master Results Coach and CEO of Abundance Academy. She helps motivated entrepreneurs stop spinning their wheels, overcome anxiety and banish limiting beliefs so they can free themselves to unapologetically create the life and business they want and love.

A major part of Larisa’s journey was overcoming a 10-year infertility journey where she “did everything” recommended by various doctors and health-care practitioners. Her turning point was making a key mindset shift that led her to a dramatic change in her professional life, successful pregnancy and son she adores!  

As the author of the upcoming Stop Procrastinating Your Life Away: Discover the Secrets to More Time, Money and Freedom and CEO of Abundance Academy, it’s her mission to positively impact more than 1-Billion people across the globe and allow the world to be a better place for all.

To learn more, you can find Larisa on Facebook and Instagram.


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Lindsay Recknell  0:03  

Hello, and welcome to another episode of The Hope Motivates Action podcast. I’m your host Lindsay Recknell. And I have a very inspiring guest here with me today. Larisa Makuch shares a very personal infertility story with us, one that I know many listeners may resonate with. So let me tell you a little bit more about her before we get started with the interview. 


Lindsay Recknell  0:22  

Larisa is a master’s results coach and CEO of abundance Academy. She helps motivated entrepreneurs stop spinning their wheels, overcome anxiety and banish limiting beliefs so they can free themselves to unapologetically create the life and business they want in a major part of the business journey was overcoming a 10 year infertility journey, where she did everything recommended by various doctors and health care practitioners. 


Lindsay Recknell  0:46  

Her turning point was making a key mindset shift that led to a dramatic change in her personal life, a successful pregnancy and the son she adores, as the author of the upcoming stop procrastinating your life away discover the secrets to more time, money and freedom and the CEO of abundance Academy. It’s her mission to positively impact more than 1 billion people across the globe and allow the world to be a better place for all. Our conversation is a very hopeful one. So let’s get going. 


Lindsay Recknell  1:14  

Hello, Larissa, welcome to the show. 


Larisa Makuch  1:17  

Hi Lindsay, glad to be here. 


Lindsay Recknell  1:19  

It is such a pleasure to have you here. I’m very excited for people to hear your story. So why don’t we just dig right in? Why don’t you share your story with us on how you use hope to motivate action in your life. 


Larisa Makuch  1:30  

Oh, my goodness, I love I love this topic. I love this whole concept of Hope motivating action. And I think it’s something that we don’t necessarily look for in the future. For me, I’ve always expected things to just work out in my life. And they have, and I don’t even know where that came from. But it’s something that has been ingrained in me and instilled in me that things are just going to work out for me. And that was even behind before I came across Abraham Hicks and that beautiful recording. 


Larisa Makuch  1:59  

So one of the things that I’ve learned is that you can’t connect the dots looking backwards. You can only connect them looking backwards, not forwards. And I had always expected things to turn out in a certain way. And I think when we’re young and naive, we recreate these fantasies. And ultimately, we can get everything we want. It’s just the route that you take to get there is sometimes not that which you expected. The journey if you will. 


Lindsay Recknell  2:31  



Larisa Makuch  2:32  

So that was certainly something definitely that happened to me, especially in my journey of fertility. So I mean, I’ve had a lot of successes over the years in business and other aspects of my life. And I just assumed like everyone else in my family, I would sneeze and I just get pregnant. And I’d always assumed I’d have four to six kids. And this is just how life would be it would be peachy. And at first it didn’t happen when when we started trying. And we didn’t think much of it. 


Larisa Makuch  3:04  

But after a few years, I’m I’m thinking, Well, I’ve been wanting to have a child, I’ve been trying and actively pursuing this. And this friend is getting pregnant, this friend is getting pregnant, this client is getting pregnant, oh, another client is getting pregnant, oh, my sister gets pregnant, what is going on? Everyone around me is getting pregnant, and they weren’t even trying. And so this led us to start a fertility journey. So clearly, we had something going on. And they couldn’t necessarily find anything dramatically wrong, right? There was some some minor things, but the doctor couldn’t find anything. 


Larisa Makuch  3:44  

Yet. Everything we tried wasn’t working. And so procedure after procedure. Many years later, it was a really demoralizing process. And over the years, I ended up seeing five different fertility specialists like actual doctors, and it it was just soul sucking, it was horrible. And I remember going through there and you you literally just feel like a number you just often do take a number and you’re just like another number going through the chain and you want you start to wonder you’re like we’re here putting our whole heart and soul on the line. And after because we had seen so many different doctors and they prescribe these different treatments and everyone had their own approach. 


Larisa Makuch  4:42  

But ultimately I’m like Are you guys just guessing and using me as a test case and and you really start to wonder like where is all this coming from you start to second guess yourself and as as you go for another cycle of treatments, you build this hope up. Right you get so hopeful and you’re like, Okay, I know manifestation I know I was supposed to visualize and supposed to emotionally connect to having this baby, okay, I’m gonna really pour my heart and soul into it, yet you feel horrible going in, you feel awful coming out? And it it just backfires, right. 


Larisa Makuch  5:20  

And so there was a lot of emotions and a lot of like it was a big emotional roller coaster ride over that time because you’d get hopeful and then something would happen, you’d get hopeful and something would happen or not happen. And just time and time again, I felt so stuck and kept wondering what was wrong with me. 


Larisa Makuch  5:41  

And looking back, I know, it was exactly what needed to happen to me, right, going through that emotional roller coaster going through these emotional feelings going through this perception that there was something wrong with me that there was something wrong with the situation that I was just a number, this, this was all part of my journey. And I am now so grateful for it. And I wouldn’t give it up for anything, because I think it definitely taught me a lot of life lessons. 


Larisa Makuch  6:14  

Eventually, we did get pregnant, which is beautiful. We have a beautiful son, He’s four years old. And when I started to shift my mindset around everything, that was when everything changed, I got pregnant the first time I made a mental shift, and let go of that which I was holding on to. And that was a big moment for me. 


Lindsay Recknell  6:43  

What an incredible story like I can see, I get to see the passion and energy and your voice as you share the story which was clearly very, very deep, very personal so that you’d held on to for such a long time. And I can imagine the the the frustration, the anger, the anxiety, the self deprecation all of those things, I can absolutely imagine those. But very, very cool your perspective on it. Because as you say, you wouldn’t give it up. You wouldn’t want to change it now being on the other side of it. 


Lindsay Recknell  7:16  

But I imagine that four plus years ago, you would have said something very, very different. So tell me how. Tell me how you came to that perspective. Because not everybody gets there.


Larisa Makuch  7:31  

No, definitely not. What I think there were a lot of blessings along the way, this entire journey of infertility was about 10 years in and of itself from when we started and things weren’t happening and then eventually we added the doctors and everything else. So start to finish there. There was a big long cycle. One of the huge benefits that we actually had during that time is we we really started to clean up our health we started to clean up our own personal lives and started to learn just better ways of thinking and, and more positive ways of approaching our lives. I think we started eating better. 


Larisa Makuch  8:11  

I’ve probably seen every alternative medicine medicine specialist under the sun. I like acupuncture, chiropractic, osteopathy, nutritionists, nutritionist, nutritionists, like so many different diets and natural paths we’ve been. We’ve been everywhere. And we learned a lot about what you shouldn’t do. And in that frustration that we also learned a lot about what you should do, we have to do a lot of homework. 


Larisa Makuch  8:38  

But we cleaned up a lot of the ways we were approaching ourselves in our lives, which also led to other benefits. We started showing up in our lives and in our work with more energy, we lost weight because we weren’t eating foods that were harmful to us. And we started feeling a lot better about ourselves as people we also really started to learn about the mind and how it worked. And this is something I’d been studying for a long time. But during this journey, my husband and I really started delving into the world of mindset and and positive thinking we started going to the Tony Robbins seminars and we attended many other seminars locally in Toronto as well, that helped shift our perspective. 


Larisa Makuch  9:26  

And while we did that, that is that I think, ultimately is what God had to change because I realized I I knew that I was supposed to be thinking positively and initially I was doing that positive thinking stuff. I was going through the motions of positivity and I don’t know, I’m sure a lot of your listeners can relate to that going through the motions of positivity, and it wasn’t working. Right weird going through the motions doesn’t work. So I’m not sure didn’t work. And it’s like I knew it by the book I was doing it, I was doing it. 


Larisa Makuch  10:05  

But with the health, we were emotionally connected to that with with the diets and with the, with the, with the food part of it, we were both on the same vibration and totally connected to that, which is why we started to see positive results in our lives. With the fertility, I would, I would sit there and I would look at all the other pregnant women that were there. And I would think about them. And sometimes we talk but there was a lot of silence in those offices, sometimes women would come in with their other kids, and then you you have these emotional thoughts and feelings. 


Larisa Makuch  10:39  

And instead of being happy for them, you’re jealous of them. And so there was a lot of those negative emotions that I would allow to come up because of my external circumstance. And when like I said, when I made that mindset shift, I realized that I was holding on so tightly, I was holding on so tightly to this idea of having a baby and what I thought I should do, and making sure it happened in the right time. So I could have the family and the white picket fence and everything I was supposed to do, yet it didn’t work. 


Larisa Makuch  11:15  

And ultimately, when you look at the definition of hope, and this is something, obviously you’re very familiar with, the hope is a feeling of expectation or desire for certain things to happen. And there is a passage that neville goddard speaks about in the power of awareness. And it’s chapter seven on attitude, and I’m going to read it, because I just think Neville Goddard’s amazing. What you see when you look at something depends not so much on what there is as on the assumption you make when you look.


Larisa Makuch  11:52  

Okay, so I was looking at what there was, and I was making an assumption based on what I saw, I didn’t make an assumption, and then allow my reality to create itself. So it was, I was taking what was there, and I was allowing myself to be influenced by it. Since what we believe to be the real physical world is actually only an assumptive world, it’s not surprising that these experiments prove that what appears to be solid reality is actually the result of expectations or assumptions. 


Larisa Makuch  12:28  

And so everything we believe is true, our entire reality is what we perceive it to be true, we make up our own reality. Our entire world is made up. It’s an it’s a hallucination. And what he’s saying here is that the assumptions or expectations you create of your world, ultimately lead to your world. 


Larisa Makuch  12:49  

And so I was thinking, Oh, this fertility stuff is so hard. Oh, my goodness, like, Why do I have to go through it? Why does everyone else just go poof, and they get pregnant? What is so unfair? Oh, I feel so bad. Oh, is this even ever going to work? And these are the thoughts that are going through my head, but you can clearly see why I didn’t get pregnant. Oh, am I ready for a baby anyway, it’s just going to be so much work, who’s going to take care of it? How is it gonna change, I’m gonna lose my identity is like when I when I have a baby, like I still want to work, this kid’s going to be an inconvenience, like, these are the thoughts these are really non supportive thoughts. 


Larisa Makuch  13:30  

And so your assumptions determine not only what you see, but also what you do for they govern all your conscious and subconscious movements towards the fulfillment of themselves. So your assumptions, they, they govern everything. So your thinking ultimately leads to your feelings, and your feelings lead to your results and feelings are really held in the unconscious mind. 


Larisa Makuch  14:00  

And from from a neurological perspective, the unconscious mind exists on a cellular level, in your body, it’s connected to your world and to your entire body through your neurology. And so as soon as you start embedding these thoughts, seeds, they go into every cell of your body. So of course, I wasn’t getting pregnant because like it just now it makes complete and total sense because my expectation was that having a child is going to be a threat to my well being. Even though I was like, Yeah, I want to have a baby. It was so intellectual. It was so it wasn’t in my heart the way it is now. 


Larisa Makuch  14:41  

And so, you know, 


Lindsay Recknell  14:44  

it’s beautiful, what you’re saying because I think that, um, that gap that behavior mind gap exists for a lot of people. It’s that whole walk the talk, right? How you show up is often different than the words come out of your mouth. And I think that’s kind of what you’re getting at is, you were saying all the right things, you were taking the action in the right ways. But deep down subconsciously, you weren’t at the place where that alignment was there, your behavior was not in alignment with what you thought you wanted, or what your body needed at that time. 


Larisa Makuch  15:22  

Yeah, absolutely. And, and sometimes we, we want it to be in alignment, we want it to be a certain way, because we think we should be a certain way, or we think something should happen, because of what your parents tell you, or what you hear at work, or what they tell you in all the seminars, or on all the podcasts, or in all the books, it’s like, this is what you should do, this is the potential for it. Yet, if you’re not in alignment, which at that point, I wasn’t, it’s not going to happen. 


Lindsay Recknell  15:51  

So let’s talk about that. coulda, shoulda, woulda stuff, because identity is very much wrapped up in that. And a lot of the work that I do, especially with my new coaching program, called better than today is about identifying who you are, where you’re at, and where you want to go. And who you are. Your identity is a big part of that. 


Lindsay Recknell  16:14  

And you’d mentioned like, you know, are you are you truly ready to be a parent, because you have this career and you identify as a career woman and you want to keep working? I imagine that that’s a thought that goes through people’s minds a lot women’s minds and men’s minds as well. Parents minds in anticipation of having a family. Can you share a little bit more about that? And how you kind of journeyed through that as well?


Larisa Makuch  16:39  

Yeah, absolutely. And I think we are definitely one of the things like identity, your self image that that is your strongest belief system, that’s one of your strongest paradigms, as soon as you claim an identity like, I am, like, as soon as you say I am with anything that embodies that statement as an identity and, and that’s so much more powerful than just the behavior. And I was really identifying myself, as someone that was growing in her career, I am running a company that I love I am I’m working with these clients, I am, I am the teacher, I am the guide, I am all of these beautiful things in my life. And I didn’t want to let go of that. 


Larisa Makuch  17:20  

Now, when it comes to shifting the thought process I was studying. So I love studying, I’m sure you’re familiar with a lot of these texts as well. I can’t remember what I was studying. But it was I was studying something about re releasing resistance. And when I really came up with that idea, and when I really started to study that and started to think about that. That was the ultimate turning point. Because I had realized I had all this resistance, I had realized that the attitude I was presenting in the situation that the thoughts, the feelings, the actions, they weren’t aligned. And even though I pretended they were deep down, I knew my truth. 


Larisa Makuch  18:01  

And I actually just said, Okay, stop, like this isn’t working. And when we remember sitting in this doctor’s office, and he asked me if I had gone through IVF, with the government program where they fund part of your IVF they actually fund the IVF fee. You still pay for the other things, but it’s like half price, so it’s sweet. And I hadn’t and he said, Oh, well you better get on it. You’re already like of that age. I was a geriatric in the fertility world. Okay, I didn’t know I was of that age. I thought I had a few, like maybe five more years before I got to bad age. But no, at that point, I was a bad age. And so it was a really big shift. And I said, Okay, well, if I’m a VAT age, and if my chances are 4% to get pregnant at the age on that, that was a really big impact. 


Larisa Makuch  18:55  

And I started thinking I’m like, Okay, well, what if I stopped, depending on this next one as my only opportunity? Because prior to that, I was thinking like, Okay, this has to be it, I have to get so connected to it. And at that point, I literally stepped back I said, Okay, 4% if I do this 100 times, and I don’t get pregnant, that means it’s not meant to be I literally turned it almost into a transactional thing, right? Like, if I do this 100 times, and I don’t get pregnant. I don’t think God wants me to get pregnant. If my chances are 4% I bet you one of these things will work. 


Larisa Makuch  19:36  

And when I thought of it that way, I made the commitment to go through with this 100 more times in my mind up to 100 more times if I had to. And once I made that switch, I didn’t have the pressure to have to deliver that time. I walked in I said okay, this is the first and we’ll see how it goes. I released the resistance and I created space for the opportunity to come to me. And as soon as that happened that first time I got pregnant. 


Larisa Makuch  20:10  

And as soon as I found out, I was pregnant, I still didn’t believe I was pregnant. I was six months pregnant, and I was still not believing I was pregnant, I was giving birth. And I still am like, is there really a child coming out of there. And even up to the first year after my son was born, I didn’t really fully believe I had a baby. I was it was in the surreal bubble. And it turned into this beautiful, beautiful thing, when I finally really realized I’m like, Okay, I stepped back. And I looked at this, and I realized that the moment had arrived, I’m like, Okay, I really am a parent, like, this kid is so incredible. Look at all these things I’m learning and, and it was connecting those dots, I created space for it to happen. And I wasn’t clinging to anything anymore. 


Larisa Makuch  21:00  

So I’m not sure the question you asked, but I hope that answers something, 


Lindsay Recknell  21:05  

it was very, very powerful. And it was it was just around that identity piece around, you know, and you, you, you you got there in the sense of you let go of that identity of having to be a mother having to get pregnant this one last time, and sort of just, you know, disconnected from the outcome. We’ve been talking a lot about that, and how we can make decisions or we can take action. 


Lindsay Recknell  21:33  

And as long as we’re making those good decisions, or as long as we’re making those actions with integrity and things like that, if we’re disconnected from the outcome, then it doesn’t matter what happens. We’re, we feel like we have that control. And we can, you know, have things work out the way that they should, you know, because we’re taking control over the things we can control and sort of letting the rest take care of itself. So yeah, that’s amazing. That’s beautiful. 


Lindsay Recknell  22:03  

As you’re speaking, I’m hearing, I just keep thinking over the word resilience, resilience, resilience, resilience. And I really believe that we have to come through hard times to come out stronger on the other side, to have built our resilience. Is that something that you think about or you’d heard someone talk about, 


Larisa Makuch  22:21  

who would say, resilience isn’t a big part of my world, per se? I think I like to think of it more as challenges, right? Challenges are here in our lives to teach us lessons. And the things we fear the most we have to overcome, because failure is feedback. And when we learn from the failures we have when we learn from the tough times when we are resilient. That’s what builds our character. That’s what really allows us to become who we were meant to be. 


Larisa Makuch  22:56  

And so I, I love looking at challenges. I love taking on challenges, I love stepping into new opportunities, because they’re fun. And one of the things I’ve really started embracing is the idea of focusing on what I want, not on what I don’t want. And if I keep focusing on the tough challenges, or the tough, tough times or overcoming the tough obstacles. I’ve clearly I’ve been very good at manifesting them in the past. And so I’ve really over the last few years shifted my thinking to, instead of overcoming the difficult things to embracing the opportunities and embracing the challenges with more ease, with more joy and with more flow. 


Larisa Makuch  23:46  

And so it for for me it’s a it’s a slight mental shift. But it’s been. It’s been powerful. It’s been exciting, it’s had its ups and downs. And that that’s been something that I’ve really started adopting over the last couple of years, though, that’s beautiful. 


Lindsay Recknell  24:01  

For listeners who are hearing you speak and are in their own somewhere along the path of their own fertility journey. 


Larisa Makuch  24:09  



Lindsay Recknell  22:03  

What advice do you have for them take a few more breaths than you are now. 


Larisa Makuch  22:03  

Right? That’s I would start with even just like actually breathing, because so often when you’re in that spot, you are so wrapped up in what you’re doing, you can’t see the forest through the trees. And sometimes if you literally take a step back, you can look at things in life from two perspectives. You can look at them through your own eyes, and you can look at them as though you’re an outsider. And you want to take a look at it from both perspectives. Look at your situation through your own eyes. really embrace and honor the feelings and where you’re at. 


Larisa Makuch  22:03  

And then also step back and remove yourself from the situation. decide is it really as bad is it It might seem in the moment is what what can I learn? What am I observing? What am I noticing about myself about my behavior, about what is happening in this world of me as an outsider. And I know had I taken that perspective, I would have noticed that working 60 to 80 hours a week, sometimes it’s probably not the most healthy thing to create space for a child in my life. It was really fun, I loved what I did, it wasn’t the right thing to do if I wanted to create the whole family environment being out five to six nights a week that wasn’t supportive or conducive to that. 


Larisa Makuch  22:03  

And so had I taken the time to look from an outside perspective, I may have noticed that. And instead, I was so in my world that I just brushed it aside because I didn’t have time for it. And so I would breathe, look at things from both perspectives. And also really listen to yourself.


Larisa Makuch  26:00  

Listen to yourself, because your intuition, your heart and soul, it knows what’s right. And sometimes when you say, Okay, I’m just going to do this because they, they’re saying I should or because they say this is the right way to do it. If in your heart and soul, something isn’t in alignment, you want to pay attention to that. And that’s not something that’s natural. 


Larisa Makuch  26:24  

For a lot of us it’s not something intuition, or that intuitive sense is not something that we learn in school. This is something a lot of people take years to study. There’s their schools of intuition, which seems so simple and basic. But even just to start by listening and paying attention to your gut, listening to those little voices inside your head, and honoring and recognizing what is happening. If If you truly in your heart and soul want to have that baby and you can picture the family that you want to have if you can feel that baby in your arms, when when you go to sleep at night, even when you don’t have it, you know, you want that baby, you’re going to do anything to have it. 


Larisa Makuch  27:06  

But if there’s that disconnect, this is where you want to clean up our mind. This is where you want to clean up all those negative thoughts and eliminate any mental and physical incongruence is that are in our world. And as soon as we clear the crap, clear the clutter, so to speak physically and mentally and emotionally, we create the space to embrace something, there’s, there was a study with mice that was done that identified that I think it was about eight generations of trauma could be carried forward. They they had I believe they electrocuted these mice. And we are they shocked them with an electric current while they showed them a cherry blossom. And then they didn’t do anything to the rest of the mice for eight generations. 


Larisa Makuch  27:55  

But then eight generations later, they showed those mice a cherry blossom and they have reacted. And there was nothing else that had happened. But that really actually concretely shows the impact of generational trauma. So you don’t know where some of these thoughts have come from. And sometimes we blame ourselves, we’re like, oh, well, it’s something I did, or something’s wrong with me. But you don’t even know. And in the end, it doesn’t matter. 


Larisa Makuch  28:19  

But your job is to say if my heart and soul is aligned with this baby, in terms of having a family or, or having a dream that you want to pursue. You can clear all the past stuff without having to spend 20 years in therapy, you can get rid of it quickly. There are tools, there are resources that can help with that. I wish I had known about that at the time. I didn’t even come into this world until recently. But that that would be something that could make a dramatic difference. And for you emotionally to do that. 


Larisa Makuch  28:55  

So tell me a little bit more about how to clear that clutter. I know that gratitude is a big part of who you are and what you do. And I know it’s been a big a big healing factor for you.


Lindsay Recknell  29:08  

So could we briefly talk about gratitude and recent journal you’ve created? 


Larisa Makuch  29:15  

Yes. So I have a gratitude is definitely one of the highest vibrational frequencies that you can be in. And when you give gratitude, you elevate your vibrational frequency. Feinstein said everything is energy, that’s all there is to it match the frequency of that which you desire, and you can’t help but create that reality. So when you align yourself with the frequency of having a baby, having a family, being in that spirit, then that’s going to help bring that to you and create the physical reality in your space. 


Larisa Makuch  29:51  

And so I I had, again, a dissociated a very going through the motions practice of gratitude This has been a theme of my life, I went through the motions, and I go, Oh, I need to pay attention. And so I had a big wake up call in terms of what the power of gratitude can do. And so I ended up doing a gratitude practice a couple years ago, where I wrote 100 things, I was grateful for every single day leading up to Thanksgiving. And I did that for several days in a row. 


Larisa Makuch  30:21  

And at first it was, like, interesting. And by the end of really identifying and emotionally connecting to these things I was legitimately grateful for, I could feel a physiological shift in my body, my whole body was vibrating, I had goosebumps, my face felt like it was glowing, it was so so so incredible. And I finally understood what people talked about in terms of having a gratitude practice and raising their frequency. 


Larisa Makuch  30:46  

Now, that was one exercise I had chosen. But there’s so many different gratitude practices out there, I’m sure you probably share many of them with your clients. And I can’t say one is better than another, there are certain practices that are designed to elicit certain reactions and certain responses from people. And I would say some of them are much more predictable in terms of their outcome than others. And I started exploring these practices and having fun with them. 


Larisa Makuch  31:16  

And so I I dived into gratitude, I delved in and I ended up putting together a gratitude guide, my clients were asking for it. So they kept talking about it. They’re like, Do you have a book or something. So I’m like, I put it together. And so initially, it was for them. And we’ve started to share it with other people. And they are 16 ways and 16 practices that you can use to amplify your gratitude practice and feel successful doing it. Because you might have a gratitude practice, I went through the motions of gratitude, but I didn’t feel successful doing it, it was just another checkbox off the list. And there’s a lot of people that don’t have a gratitude practice and don’t know where to start. 


Larisa Makuch  31:54  

And so this guide is designed for both of those kinds of people how gratitude practice is not working, or you want to amplify it, or if you want to just get started in a really simple and accessible way. So that’s definitely something I would highly recommend. 


Lindsay Recknell  32:11  

Oh, that’s beautiful. Thank you very much for sharing that. And I know that you’ll you’re going to make that available to the listener to the podcast. So I really appreciate, appreciate that we will link in the show notes for sure. I can’t believe that we’ve come to the end of our time together. And I asked one question at the end of every show, and that is Larissa, what gives you hope. 


Larisa Makuch  32:33  

For me, it’s knowing that there is possibility out there. There’s this world is full of infinite potential and infinite possibility. And there are people to serve, there are things to do, there is an impact to be made. And I love connecting with people I love being in this beautiful world. And serving, I love showing up and I love making that impact. I think we all want to leave a legacy of some sort. Right, some of us have identified specifically what that is. 


Larisa Makuch  33:09  

But for me, it’s that stepping into my possibility and helping other people step into theirs. That really drives me that really gives me hope that creates that beautiful expectation of a beautiful world that we can all live in. If we all just thought that our thoughts if we all just read a little more neville goddard we all just did a little Earl Nightingale Strangest Secret, we the world would be a better place because we would all be thinking more beautiful thoughts, we would all be feeling more beautiful feelings, we would all be behaving in a more beautiful way and living in a beautiful state where we can embrace one another where we can lift one another up. And we’re we can all live wonderful lives. And so that gives me hope is this promise and this idea of a beautiful world and I that’s what I live in every single day.


Lindsay Recknell  34:10  

That’s wonderful. Thank you so so much for sharing your thoughts with us. Thank you for sharing your journey. Your your son and your story of your family. Really, really appreciate you being here with us today. And yeah, I look forward to connecting again very, very soon. 


Larisa Makuch  34:25  

Absolutely. Thank you for having me. 


Lindsay Recknell  34:27  

Take care. 


Lindsay Recknell  34:31  

I hope you enjoyed this latest episode of The Hope Motivates Action podcast. These episodes are a labor of love inspiring conversations with hopeful people make my heart happy. If you also love this episode, it would be amazing if you could go to Apple podcasts and leave a review five stars if you’re into it. It’s these reviews that encourage Apple to promote this podcast to their network and the more people that listen the more hope we can spread into the world. 


Lindsay Recknell  34:54  

Don’t forget to check out the show notes of this episode to find all the links to my guests books and other reason Sources referenced in this episode. You’ll also find the link back to my website where you will find additional support and resources for you, your team and your community. 


Lindsay Recknell  35:08  

I truly believe that the future will be better than today. By taking action over the things we can control and hearing from these guests on these episodes I know that even more hopeful future is totally possible. I’m always looking for inspirational guests so if you or anyone you know would like to be a guest on the show, please reach out you can find me on the contact form of my website at or by email at Lindsay@expertinhopocalm. 


Lindsay Recknell  35:35  

When I was a teenager and my sisters were leaving the house to go out for the night, I always made it a point to remind them to call me if they need me. It was my way to tell them that I cared and would always be there for them. I’d love you to know the same so all of you listening out there Call me if you need me. 


Lindsay Recknell  35:49  

Again. Thank you for your love and support of this podcast my work and hope and your intentional focus on making your future better than today. After all, hope without action is just a wish


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