S04 | 04 – Creating Hope and Faith in Yourself with Karen Gallagher-Burt

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When you’re struggling with mental health, it can be difficult to navigate the system and know where you can actually turn for recovery. In fact, you may not even feel there is a pathway to recovery for you or that you are worth the effort.

Karen Gallagher-Burt joins us today to share her expertise in creating passion for yourself and motivation towards recovery. Everybody is worthy and capable of growth and confidence, and Karen teaches us how hope and faith work hand in hand to bring us there. She knows that hope is not effortless. It is a learned, active behavior that we create within ourselves.

If you’re struggling to find and create that hope and faith in yourself, you’ll want to listen in to Karen’s incredible wealth of knowledge and experiences. You are not alone, you are worthy, and you can transform your own life.

About Karen Gallagher-Burt:

Karen Gallagher-Burt is an intentional leader who delights in empowering individuals and groups to engage with their communities and bring compassion to their workplaces. Through inspiring leadership and a warm, bubbly personal style, Karen ignites passion and purpose in the organizations and individuals she is privileged to serve.

Karen is currently the Executive Leader of Community Investment with Canadian Mental Health Association – Calgary. While pursuing these passions, she completed graduate studies in Social Work, raised 48 children, and served on many Boards and Commissions. Outside of the office, Karen is committed to local community volunteering, the sweaty life of physical fitness, and an ever evolving relationship with coffee. She has received multiple awards and acknowledgements as an Alumni of Distinction from Mount Royal University as well as Student Leader at the University of Calgary.

As a Compassion Curator and Empathy Engineer, Karen is determined to conquer the world with love, hope, and kindness. You can find and follow Karen on Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram.

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