S10 | 09 – Uncover Your Natural Number with Susan Bennett Fisher and Martin Fisher

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Do other people in your life know who you are? Do you know who you are? It’s clear that not everyone will think, react, and communicate in the same way, so how can we bridge this gap to create more meaningful connections with others?

According to Susan and Martin, the answer is to uncover your Natural Number. Your Natural Number is the key to understanding who you are so that you can have more self-awareness and live a more authentic and purposeful life. It is physiological (or as Susan and Martin call it, physiospiritual), so it impacts not only how you show up mentally and emotionally, but physically as well.

When you identify your Natural Number, you can discover more about yourself and have more control over your reactions and relationships. Tune in as Susan and Martin explain how this is possible and how you can use this knowledge to create more hope in your life and the lives of those around you.

About Susan Bennett Fisher & Martin Fisher:

Susan Bennett Fisher and Martin Fisher are the Co-Founders and Teachers of Body of 9. Body of 9 is an innovative, body-based personality assessment that, through your posture, body type, and how you physically express yourself, identifies your Natural Number. This gives you an experience of your innate self, taking your understanding of who you are to a whole new level.

Susan Bennett Fisher and Martin Fisher are pioneers in the study and research of the 9 Natural Numbers. With over thirty years of combined research and experience with Body of 9, their work has led to many new discoveries and a deeper understanding of the importance, power, and impact of knowing your Natural Number and learning to consciously use this aspect of your body. Since 2012, Susan and Martin Fisher have been working together to identify over 8000 people from around the world and to build and share the understanding of how the Body of 9 shows up in so many aspects of human experience.

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Martin Fisher, Susan Bennett Fisher, Lindsay Recknell

Lindsay Recknell  00:03

Hello, and welcome to season 10 of the hope motivates action podcast. I’m your host, Lindsay Recknell. And workplace mental health professional speaker podcaster, and an expert in hope. Bringing you these episodes with these incredible guests is my absolute favorite. I am so grateful for the privilege to share stories of transformation, and to help you move through your own transformation with our one on one work together. And with the help of the professionals who come on the show, the signs of hope and positive psychology has had such a huge impact on me and my work. So I love that I also get to share knowledge, research and stories from the evidence based science as well. It is my sincere wish that you hear something that resonates with you in these episodes, that you feel that contagious power of hope, and you are motivated to take action over what you can control all towards creating a future better than today. I have such a passion for this work. And I love connecting with my clients, with you, my listeners and with the guests on this show to help create transformation.

Lindsay Recknell  00:57

I have two really interesting and delightful guests to introduce you to today. Husband and wife team Susan Bennett Fisher and Martin Fisher are the co founders and teachers of Body of Nine. Body of Nine is an innovative body based personality assessment that through your posture, body type and how you physically express yourself identifies your natural number. This gives you an experience of your innate self taking your understanding of who you are to a whole new level. Susan and Martin Fisher are pioneers in the study and research of the nine natural numbers. With over 30 years of combined research and experience with body of nine, their work has led to many new discoveries and a deeper understanding of the importance, power and impact of knowing your natural number. And learning to consciously use this aspect of your body. Since 2012, Susan and Martin have been working together to identify over 8000 people from around the world, and to build and share the understanding of how the Body of Nine shows up in so many aspects of human experience. This is a super fascinating conversation. So without any further ado, let’s get to it.

Lindsay Recknell  02:01

Hello, Susan. And Martin, it is so wonderful to have you on the show.

Susan Bennett Fisher  02:05

We’re just lucky to be here with you. Yeah, we enjoy. It’s so great.

Lindsay Recknell  02:09

The very first time we ever connected, I just felt this. Well, this instant connection, which feels weird, but not because of the work that you find folks do which we’re gonna hear a lot about. So maybe we’ll just jump right in. And you can share with the audience who you are, what you do, and how you use hope to motivate action in your life.

Susan Bennett Fisher  02:29

Cool, I’ll start because he’s he’s a very polite British gentleman, and I always get the start. But don’t worry, he’ll he’ll jump in. So Martin and I met a long time ago. We were in our early 30s. And I had just gotten married somebody else, not him. And we but we had a connection, like you said, you know, sometimes you just know. And so he stayed in my world energetically, even though we lost touch for 13 years. And we reconnected in 2007, after both of us had gotten some tough journeys. And we reconnected around our relationship and then around our work. So our work, we call it body of nine. And it’s based on discovery that there are nine physiologically different kinds of people. And so he and I have been researching together what this means. How do we see it? What do you do with this information? And then how do we get it out into the world so that the world actually knows about this very important information?

Martin Fisher  03:28

Yeah, we both have a high tech background, both of us have worked in Silicon Valley in Northern California for 20-30 years. And after.

Martin Fisher  03:38

Towards the end of that, I started to realize that there was more to life that I knew was there, but I didn’t know where it was. But I was actually starting to move towards a place of knowing that I could help the world. You know, I’ve been to many festivals, things where people read my hands that you would teach with healers and things like that. And I didn’t understood what that meant, because there’s a engineering manager or VP of engineering. How do you teach and help healers from it? Turns out that wasn’t my boss. So Susan, I’d be working on this. We really came out in 2012, Burning Man. And that was the place where we actually started to have some hope for humanity.

Martin Fisher  04:18

Because we at least grew up we’re both children of the 70s. And we’re both early 60s now. And so we were brought up to expect a better world. And we haven’t seen that. So there was a time where the things were going well and then sort of the late 1990s, early 2000s things have not been going well for humanity since then. And understanding this about humanity’s lead led us to a place of hope for humanity. Because we really believe that what we do can help humanity be on a better path for a really great future rather than the Mad Max future. That is sort of the other way.

Lindsay Recknell  04:58

Oh, I love that. What a beautiful story and It’s very cool that you reconnected after your sort of crooked path to get back to each other because then you’re bringing new life experiences and maybe some choices to get you to that place as opposed to, you know, in your early 20s, you’re maybe making choices based on other people’s patterns for your life or other people’s desires. So it’s very neat to see how you’ve come together and around your work. You mentioned Burning Man, for those who aren’t familiar. Could you just share a little bit about what that is? And then I have more questions.

Susan Bennett Fisher  05:36

Burning Man is amazing festival in the Mojave desert where people come together to explore whatever they want to explore. And we decided to add a friend of ours, who had for I would say, probably 12 years trying to get me to go. And I was like, I’m not going to that there’s no way I could go to that I couldn’t handle the the preparation requirements and the challenge of the heat and a Dustin, and go there with all those weird people. And but finally, in 2012, Martin said, Yeah, let’s go. And so he handled all the stuff I knew I couldn’t handle. And then just let me go and be me, which was really awesome.

Martin Fisher  06:15

Yeah. And so Burning Man has a reputation he’s had that, to some extent, still does a drug fueled wave. And that does. And that’s not what it is at all. Yes, there are those things. If you want to participate, you want to participate. The majority of Burning Man is about self reliance. It’s about an environment where there is no transactions. So everything is gifting. And the gift is not a transaction. If you give someone a gift, expecting a gift back, that’s a transaction. So there’s gifting. And there’s amazing art, and it’s about the impermanence of life. One of the questions of expression, yeah, and of course, it’s self expression. And I went to knowing, well, who do I want to be, I can be anybody I want. And it turned out, I wanted to be me, which was an awesome, awesome place for me to learn. But we learned a lot of Burning Man. Because if you live in a world where there are transactions, and you can give things as a gift, not expecting a return, if you’ve lived in a world where the environment support you, yes, you put a lot of work into going there. But they there’s this phase about magic that happens in the desert the playa provides is the phase. And we learned that we have to choose love in everything we do. And we learned that there is magic in life. We have this wheel that has 16 choices. And we would people would spin it 24 hours a day, seven days a week for about nine days, and only one person didn’t get an answer that they expected.

Susan Bennett Fisher  07:30

The answer that we got every time was it’s not about you every little lesson for not not making ourselves the center of our own universe, even though we are so.

Martin Fisher  07:40

So this was the start of the hope for my journey. And I realized that what Susan was doing and she’d been introducing me to for about three or four years, suddenly realized that she could do what she’d been told she couldn’t do. And that supporting her and be my best self was the best thing for both of us. And it’s really changed our lives and changed the lives of the people who touched

Susan Bennett Fisher  08:00

Yeah, we that was the first place where we offered natural number identification as our as the gift we were giving out at Burning Man. The first year we did 56 people, by our fifth time we did over like 1100 people in nine days. So that’s 100 Some people a day rather tiring because we did a physically at the time where I would push on every single person and and Martin would talk to every single person. But what that did for us was a it was an incredible research field. We work with people from 50 countries, all races, nationalities, it was just this hotbed of research ability for us. And people weren’t wearing very much clothes

Martin Fisher  08:37

People are burning man want to learn new things.

Susan Bennett Fisher  08:39

Yeah, it was like, yeah, it was just amazing. So we got to learn the specificity of the micro movements of each natural number, we got to see the facial expressions, we got to see how the muscle hold was in the face, how the bodies developed, and were shaped how they move the energetic signature at such a volume, that we really got a very clear picture of what the nine natural numbers look like and act like and talk like,

Martin Fisher  09:06

And we started to realize why is humanity so disjointed? Why is it so hard to communicate? Why do families not really, even the best families aren’t really doing the best in terms of communication, they’re not honoring each other. And the reason is that then your natural number does not repeat in families, you and your partner and your children do not share the same natural number. You and your parents and your brothers and sisters don’t share the same natural number. So given that most communication is partially body based, partially tone based and partially word based, and we’re all those things are different by natural number. It’s really hard to imagine how we can even communicate at all.

Lindsay Recknell  09:46

No kidding. Okay, I have to back you up. You need to start at the beginning. Natural numbers tell us about Body of Nine.

Susan Bennett Fisher  09:53

Well there are nine physiologically different kinds of people. Three, nine centers in our body, three in the head, three in the chest, and three in the core of the body, and when you’re born was born active, and it shapes who you become, how your body is structured, how you take it information, what you do with it, what you care about what your gifts are, what your skills are, how you move, it’s highly predictive of your experience of life,

Martin Fisher  10:16

it is your nature, yes. And your nurture that you get from your parents and your early you said, you we live a life in our 20s, because we’ve been told this is how we should be. That is our nurture. It sits on top of our natural purpose. And our natural purpose is connected to a natural number.

Susan Bennett Fisher  10:31

And it’s the part of us that is easy, and that we’re already good at you don’t have to work at this part of you. It is just where you’re where you shine and where your magic lives in your body.

Martin Fisher  10:40

But your parents no matter how much they loved, you raised you the best they could, if you’re lucky, and the best they could never honored who you really weren’t. Because they didn’t know, fundamentally, the gentleman.

Lindsay Recknell  10:54

So fascinating, like this, just, I mean, it’s mind blowing to me, every time I talk to you fine, folks, it’s just so good. So I’m thinking about the nature and nurture and how nurture typically takes over in the early years, for sure. So I imagine that the the majority of the people that you are recognizing natural numbers in our adults, how do you see that natural number? When nurture is likely in the way?

Susan Bennett Fisher  11:28

Well, we can see a natural number from birth on doesn’t matter how old you are, it gets easier to see, interestingly, at puberty, so once a person goes through puberty, the natural numbers, it gets a little easier to see. Yes, disabilities nurture accidents of plastic surgery, there’s so many things that can obscure your natural number. But the reality is it shines through you no matter what you do.

Martin Fisher  11:54

It always does, especially when it’s invited out.

Susan Bennett Fisher  11:57

Yes. And what we get to do is sit with you and and say this is you at your core, and people go Thank you. How did you know. And we know because we’ve talked to 1000 people who have the same kind of equipment, the same earth suit that they’re traveling on planet Earth with, it’s like we have a suit, but our suits are turned on and activated in different ways.

Martin Fisher  12:19

And sometimes people actually realize that they’ve been seen for the first time, they didn’t even know who that oh nature was. And there’s a big difference between telling an eight year old boy, that this is how your life is gonna be. And then accepting that because they love that they go back until their parents, this is who I am, this is why they support me support me versus telling an an 18 year old person, this is how you breathe in your life. But the revelation of being seen and acknowledged, probably or possibly for the first time affects everybody,

Susan Bennett Fisher  12:51

it also creates a physical activation, because we give you something physical to do, you know for you, we said, okay, lift up from them, and focus and smile. And because three is about, you know, essentially seeing visually, you know, seeing, listening, observing, and then recognizing you recognize what’s possible for others, and then champion, being the champion for each and every purpose person to for them to recognize themselves. And that is what three is all about. And so once we activate that three in your body, you now have access to this part of you, and can go back to it anytime through your body.

Martin Fisher  13:35

And this podcast of giving hope and bringing people’s awareness to hope. It’s part of your natural, what you do, yeah, it’s a natural purpose. And being in your natural purpose makes life easier. It makes you feel better, it makes us feel better, because we know it’s your natural purpose. And we get to this place where we’re in collaboration in our lives,

Susan Bennett Fisher  13:56

right, and here’s your shining and beaming at us, and it energizes our being and it says, oh, I want to be my best today because Lindsey wants me to and she knows how to make me and help me to be my best and it’s a beautiful thing.

Martin Fisher  14:08

And it’s even deeper than that. Sometimes like well, Lindsey is looking at me and giving me the chance to be my best and I want that for me.

Susan Bennett Fisher  14:15

Yeah, we do we want people want that. So but what was the risk? We often get off track on the question.

Lindsay Recknell  14:22

It’s beautiful. Well, I mean, and you’re talking about me so I mean, how could that be? But I have to say like it was really it was for the listeners that are the audience that’s listening it was a really cool experience because I had the chance to to have what did we have 25 minutes together you know, the very first time I ever met right and and I knew nothing about you beyond you do this work and you know nothing about me beyond I’m a podcast hosts of this topic called hope. And I did I felt seen in those 20 minutes where you did the thing and made the magic and it was it felt Quite validating me definitely, you know, made my ego bigger. So that was cool. But I can just imagine the hope that you must give people when you are making them feel seen full stop, like that must just be such a hopeful place to be in that moment.

Susan Bennett Fisher  15:22

Well, we’re launching a new book called Sacred redesigned today that we have co authored with 28, other 26 other people. And we identify all of those authors in that book before they wrote their chapter. And then we put the context of the body of nine around them. So there’s a little description of each of the natural numbers. And there’s an introductory paragraph for each of the authors. And today we were talking with one of the authors, and she said that, it’s, she said, Well, you know, the secret me, you know, this, the part of me that nobody else can guess is there.

Martin Fisher  15:56

And most people don’t know that about themselves until it’s brought up. And as soon as you realize that you go from well, I’m living in this world, because I have to, to, here’s my natural purpose and gives people as you say, gives them hope, for their own lives. And that’s really what we try to do, sort of not the way you do, but for the same reasons. Hope is how we’re going to change the world. And if we do it one person at a time, you can’t change a massive group of people, you have to change the people in that group. And they start to change for the entire group and without hope, there’s nothing.

Susan Bennett Fisher  16:32

Well, yes, absolutely. And if you look at the power of natural number three and world leaders, we’ve had several national number three presidents.

Susan Bennett Fisher  16:42

We’ve Yeah, we’ve never personally worked with them. But based off of the physiology, the way they talk, they instill hope, you know what, that President Obama had his natural number three? And what was his message? Hope? I totally Yeah. Right. That was the center of who he was. John F. Kennedy, also instill hope,

Susan Bennett Fisher  17:03

and inspire they inspired us to

Martin Fisher  17:08

whatever possibility hope and inspiration is two sides of the same coin. Yeah, it’s about you can’t move forward. Unless you’ve got something and some something solid, some sort of

Susan Bennett Fisher  17:19

action is built on. And, you know, it’s really it’s also about how do I focus, so three brings focus, and that gives powerful energy of movement towards that purpose. So if you take any energy, you know, if you take a sunbeam and you focus it down into a laser, right, I mean, it is a very much more powerful light. And so that is very much, you know, can be done as a group or individually. But you’re doing it beautifully.

Martin Fisher  17:48

Yeah, your your, your attention on people’s hope is the focus that enables them to move, right.

Lindsay Recknell  17:56

You guys make me feel so good. And you guys just

Martin Fisher  18:02

I don’t want to people, your use your listeners to think that we are stroking your ego. This is not about your ego. And in fact, the more that you hear this, I will bet your ego relaxes. Because your ego doesn’t need to bolster you because your ego knows this is the truth. Your ego becomes a competitive and a friend, it is no longer trying to protect you, it no longer has to build you up, because it knows the truth. This is who you are, and the egos tend to go wow, this is awesome. Thanks. Let’s go do something together, right?

Susan Bennett Fisher  18:31

Because this is your superpower. It’s the thing you do easily and beautifully and without effort. No one is when I was writing the chapters for all the authors in our book sacred redesign. It was amazing to be how consistent when they went to summarize their learning from their sacred redesign journey, they almost always brought forward one of their lessons of their natural and related their natural number. And the themes were very consistent by natural number and that’s the how we’re out here doing a function we have a job to do. If you don’t do what you do. People soul is not announced into the universal field. When you focus on someone’s smile that the universe knows they’re there.

Martin Fisher  19:11

You wake them up,

Susan Bennett Fisher  19:12

and you wake their soul up and get them going again. And of course we fall right back asleep. So you have quite a job.

Lindsay Recknell  19:20

Could you tell us like, I don’t know one or two sentences about the other eight numbers just so that people maybe can identify a little bit and hear themselves in your talk. Do you want to do it this time? Well, we just do it well. Let’s try.

Martin Fisher  19:36

So there are nine numbers, natural numbers 123 And four, about relationship before transformation, five the wave about transformation then relationship, and nine is the container and everything and we’ll explain that as we go.

Martin Fisher  19:51

Natural number ones were about the connection of creativity and source. How they use the power and energy from source spirit God nature would Have Your word is to create and help us understand the beauty and awe and wonder that exists in the world.

Martin Fisher  20:06

Natural number two is about connection and entanglement of connection for the joy of entanglement, a connection, engagement and engagement, the ability to connect and be with anybody. And just because it’s great to be with other people to teach, they teach us how to be with other people, because you can’t do much on your own. As it turns out, no matter whether you believe that or not, it’s not true. That’s what number three we’ve talked about a little bit.

Martin Fisher  20:28

So number four, knows that we share the same lifeforce that we’re connected at a deep, deep fundamental level, that our emotions are important part of who we are. And they help us know that being together, and managing and listening to our emotions, we can make more wise decisions are aligned with who we are, and be aligned with who we are.

Martin Fisher  20:52

Natural number five, just my natural number is about contacts. How do we what do we know? What don’t we know? What do we need to find out to be able to achieve something? And what is the map? What’s the pathway or the snake through the mountains? What’s your way through this path?

Martin Fisher  21:06

Six, which is Susan’s engineers about? Okay, what’s the right direction to be going right now? What’s alive? Let’s get us moving. If you’re stuck, that’s number six is gonna get you moved.

Martin Fisher  21:15

Number seven is how do we reach our best potential, which we’re on this journey together? What needs to go? What isn’t serving us? What things do we need to take into consideration? And what new possibilities exist out there that we haven’t even thought about?

Martin Fisher  21:25

And Natural Number eight is about well, how do we make this real? Let’s get out there, let’s No, let’s make something that’s safe. Let’s make something that has integrity, let’s make things really real, that use the power of nature, the power of the earth to keep things safe, and build for basically, forever, forever.

Martin Fisher  21:47

Natural number nine, which is on the spine, halfway down the spine, basically, the human balance point for most. And that’s what number nine is about everything. I know that sounds strange, but in everything. Everything comes from something. And there is this place where everything exists. If you want to look at it from a sort of comic book area, think about Star Wars, the force. The force exists, it used to be called the ether. Star Wars calls it the force, but there is this place where everything is. And that’s for knives live there. And they keep things in balance, they help us know how to put things together, make sure nothing’s missed out, and keep the flow of life going. So those are the the nine and how they work together to get things done. And to build a beautiful new future.

Lindsay Recknell  22:37

I want to be all of them feels like it comes from a such a place of strength, all of those, you know,

Susan Bennett Fisher  22:46

you can learn to activate all the centers in your body. So when you activate it and under center, it’s like becoming sighted after you’ve been flying your your body has to learn to make sense of that information. But it’s available to you and the more you practice it, the more you can talk with somebody where they live, so you can modify your body to talk with them. I you know, as we’ve been talking, I’ve been lifting and focusing and smiling much, much more than I ever do. So you can meet people where they live, you can actually access different frequency of information and your perceptive abilities change when you activate a different natural number. So you’re taking in something different than you normally are. It’s very powerful. And when you get online and your body, there’s an ease that comes into your being and things aren’t as hard.

Martin Fisher  23:32

It’s much, much harder to put you in a place of fear, to control what you think it gives you your comfort your cosmic observers ability to decide, you know, what do I really believe? What have I been told? What am I to say? What is the life path I wish to follow?

Susan Bennett Fisher  23:46

Yes, you can create consciously from your own chosen beliefs instead of a set of unconscious beliefs that are driving your behaviors. It’s very freeing. And that’s, you know, that’s that’s the thing that gives me hope for sure. It’s very free.

Lindsay Recknell  24:00

Well, and it feels um, I don’t know, as you were speaking, Martin, I was thinking of the future when we’re going to go colonize Mars, I don’t know some planet, and you would you would want on that colonization team. Someone with each of these numbers, they’re like that would be the magic group of people.

Martin Fisher  24:21

That’s true for every human endeavor, right? For companies, for groups for games, we’ve identified people on sports teams before and they have rearranged who plays what position based on the natural number because certain natural numbers are going to be better in certain roles. So it’s very clear that anybody can do anything but how you’re going to do it is very, very related to a natural number.

Susan Bennett Fisher  24:45

We move from the area of our natural number in performance is very, very beautiful, because in true when somebody naturally falls into their activation, it is stunning. You know when when somebody sings from the power of their natural number or plays an instrument from your watch Carlos Santana is a four play the guitar. I mean, it is amazing. You just dropped so deep into the music and it’s just incredible what he does. Yeah. And that’s true any major beautiful performance that you see, you’re seeing the expression of their natural ability and their natural number.

Lindsay Recknell  25:21

And that’s the differentiator in all of this. Because I imagine that people are thinking about other psycho analytic tools, they know personality type indicators, this kind of thing. But that’s where that’s where this is so so different is its physiological. It’s not your thinking preferences, not your behavior. It’s physiologically how it showing up in your body.

Martin Fisher  25:41

Yes, yeah, we like to use the term physio spiritual, because we don’t necessarily think that the separation of our spiritual self, our consciousness, and our body was in service to humanity. And so the idea about this physio spiritual entity that we live in, combines all those things. And yeah, absolutely. It’s, it’s not in service to not be who you are, right?

Susan Bennett Fisher  26:05

The original observations of this work were done using the Enneagram and martial arts together, which brought essentially the nine together with a physical practice. And during those physical practices, the people who made the first observations, notice that people did weird things with their body, but based on how they had had categorized them using a psychological model. I mean, the reality is most of the psychological monocles psychological models come, probably are based off of the fact that we’re not in physiologically different kinds of people. But then you have all these manifestations of nurture, that individualize, but there are certainly propensities and their behavior issues and their ways of doing things that are very specific, that come from the physiology.

Martin Fisher  26:47

And the other differences that someone says that you are this kind of thing based on the DiSC or the or this or that or this in your type. The next statement after that is, so what, it doesn’t give you anything other than information, knowing your natural number gives you a physical way to get back into your zone. Your ability and your ability gives you a way to actually access the answers if someone said you’re human in your type, whatever. And we said, well, I can teach you how to be the other minion types, then you would get a blank stare because they’re being put in a bucket, which is what they tend to do is the exact opposite of what we’re trying to do. We’re trying to give people wings to get out of their bucket and to fly as a superpower based on race and to become home.

Susan Bennett Fisher  27:26

If you wouldn’t, you can activate all nine numbers in your body there is a wholeness and an ease to life that comes with that that I’m certainly grateful I know how to do it. I’m waiting after I used to be I’m way nicer than I used to be. I have a lot more you know I’m much better life now that I fight much disappointment. Yes, we can handle pretty crappy stuff. Pretty you know, which we try and avoid we try to avoid but you know, life deals.

Martin Fisher  27:55

We do not live in a Pollyanna life. This is not down a Green Gables. We live in a world that the world hasn’t changed. But our response to it absolutely has. Yeah.

Lindsay Recknell  28:04

Okay, so how do we once we write once you’ve identified our natural number, how do we become more of that? How do we unconsciously live in that space, and kind of shuffle off all the stuff we’ve learned in our I don’t know, 20 years of life 30-40 In my case, 43 years of life,

Susan Bennett Fisher  28:22

well funny enough, your natural number starts that process. And then we have a lot of tools and things to support you. We have our books that we’ve written about how with practices you can develop, we have our research that we’ve laid out in our body of nine decode your physiology, discover your true self. We have YouTube channels that have channels by natural number of performers and actors of each of the natural numbers, we have daily reminders, the pearls again, and tell you remind you every day, and we have our training programs, mostly we work with coaches and holistic practitioners. But if you’re just interested, we’d never turn anybody away. But the idea is to support coaches and holistic practitioners who’ve already committed to doing really good work. And we typically end up with the early adopters, the ones that know there’s something more here than than what they’re doing. And we have our Certification Training Program, which teaches how to activate all the centers in the body, and how to talk about it, how to support and help people move into the fullness of who they are. So we were developing a team of practitioners that can help people to go on the journey once they have been identified.

Martin Fisher  29:30

And it’s a physical process. One of the things going back to the psychological models. It’s like learning to play tennis by reading a book. You can read only one about tennis, but until you go out and start having a physical experience, even if it’s over zoom, in this case, giving you the physical experience of what it’s like to be a three and how to move your body back to three right that just grows in you. Even if you’ve never worked with body of nine again. You’re going to keep knowing that your body started that interaction again, right

Susan Bennett Fisher  29:58

You start to notice, that’s the first thing that starts to happen is like, you’ll start to notice, oh, yeah, I do live there. And when I do that, and I focus and smile, I’m happier, and it feels around me is happier that I, you have this ability to spread joy, and you start to notice. And that starts to be honored. Instead of people walking up, say, Why do you smile so much? Lindsay, you know, and you can say, well, because I’m a natural number three, and I meant to smile, because I’m sharing my joy with you.

Martin Fisher  30:23

And the more people that learn, the more people that know about this, the more this conversation happens, the more the consciousness of the reality of this comes forward.

Susan Bennett Fisher  30:30

Yeah. And then you spending the, you know, the beginning, you’re like, oh, what’s my personality? And what’s my life experience? And what’s my nurture and what’s my nature. And so there’s a little weeding out that goes along. And that’s done in community, seeing other people who aren’t like you, knowing people who are the same natural numbers saying, Oh, look what we have in common,

Martin Fisher  30:50

 which is why families make such a great place to start with this. Because if you have maybe, say, two children, so there’s four people in the family. And so each of us will have different natural number and then the conversation becomes, well, this is what I need. And this is what I need, well, I need this. And then so you start to grow and support each other in the unit. And that helps the entire unit before we just goes back to the hope for humanity is that, as the small units meet with the larger units, and the larger units, get companies embrace this, and children go to school, it’s understood school, as this stuff happens. Everybody benefits.

Lindsay Recknell  31:24

Everybody definitely benefits. And I hope that they are all listening and taking very careful notes of this show right now. Susan, and Martin, what gives you hope.

Martin Fisher  31:35

Honestly, our work. The the as I said earlier, we I don’t know many people that would say that humanity is on the great pathway now. And we really see this as a way for human evolution. We can’t keep going the way we are, no matter where you are on whatever spectrum, we have to change. And we have to acknowledge who we really are, somehow we’ve forgotten who we are, and who we can be, and we’ve got our magic. So knowing the body night exists gives me hope that we can survive as a as a race honestly, that we can evolve into what we’re meant to be because this is evolutionary.

Martin Fisher  32:13

And just the don’t disbelieve what the magic that you can do. Because when we kids were told us, Father, Christmas doesn’t exist, there’s no such thing as the Tooth Fairy may or may not be true, but magic sure as heck exists in some form. And that’s, and that’s unique to each of us.

Susan Bennett Fisher  32:28

For me, it is the gift of freedom, to be who we were meant to be. And for our gift to be given and received. So often we give our gift and it’s not received, in fact, it’s criticized. So it gives me hope, I also when we identify people, we get to see the very best part of you, you know, Lizzie, I know nothing about you could be a total jerk and some other aspects of your life. But to us, you are just a sparkling Dynamo of joy and hope. And that is that we always get to see the best part of people, this is the place where we’re home, we’re not broken. Our life experiences cannot take our national number away from us, they can mask it, and they can jab at it, but they can’t take it away. And once it’s reawaken consciously, you have a possibility for a path in your life that was not there before.

Martin Fisher  33:17

No natural number is an incredibly powerful part of who you are. And you have to work really hard to suppress it. But people people because it’s starting to age. But as soon as it pops up, as soon as you give it a chance to come up and say Here I am, it’s gonna come out and it’s gonna grow and it’s gonna help you because that’s what it does. So yes, the stuff gives us hope.

Lindsay Recknell  33:43

You’re not kidding, you guys give me hope. It is so beautiful to speak with you. I just feel so inspired and energized after spending, spending even just this little bit of time with you. Thank you so, so much for sharing your wisdom and your work. We will link to all the places we will promote your brand new book that is just launching here in April of 2022. For you find folks listening out there. Definitely check it out. Where can they find your book on your website? On the big booksellers.

Susan Bennett Fisher  34:12

We have three books. We have The Body of 9: Decode Your Natural Physiology and Discover Your True Self. And then we have Body of 9 – Practices For Presence. And then we have this new multi author book called Sacred Redesign and they are all available on Amazon. If you look for Susan Bennett Fisher, you’ll find you should find all of them eventually.

Lindsay Recknell  34:30

Amazing. Fortunately, yeah, we will find that for you people. Don’t you worry. We will find them for you. Thank you again. It’s been such a pleasure. I look forward to staying in connection with you both.

Susan Bennett Fisher  34:42

That’d be great.

Martin Fisher  34:42


Lindsay Recknell  34:44

Take care.

Lindsay Recknell  34:47

Yet another incredible story. I mean, I literally say that after every episode, but I wouldn’t publish episodes I didn’t think were incredible. Now what  I mentioned in the introduction, that it’s my sincere privilege to share space with these guests to bring their stories and their expertise to the podcast airwaves. And honestly, I learned so much from their wisdom at the same time. That’s the thing about this work. It’s in the storytelling, the language we use to express our innermost narratives. That’s what has the most power of transformation. Sometimes when we don’t know the words to use, we just won’t say anything at all. And that can lead to negative rumination and the stressors in our lives can lead to burnout. The topic of burnout stress and why the differences between the two matter is something we talk a lot about in my most popular training workshop titled from burnout to hope. In this 60 minute workshop, you’ll learn to apply evidence based strategies and tactics to reverse your feelings of overwhelm and languishing and activate the hope circuit in your brain for a future better than today. It’s transformational, personal, and dare I say, guaranteed to increase your hope levels. You’ve heard me say it 100 times. But I believe that fear is louder in the dark. And talking about loud about the fears, aspirations, and the anxiety inducing situations we find ourselves in is an amazing way to move towards the transformation of a future better than today. If you’d like to learn more about language, and how you can leverage the science of hope in your life, I’d love to share from burnout to hope training workshop with you. You can find more information about it on my website at expertinhope.com/burnouttohope. I truly believe that the future will be better than today by taking action over the things we can control and conversations like this really reinforced that hope. Looking forward to keeping the conversation going. So reach out anytime. As always. I’m here when you need me.

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