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Sometimes finding hope in our lives is challenging and we have to lean on the successes of others to see what’s really possible. That was the case for Kelly Lydiard as he sat on his mother’s couch after being kicked out of his 11th treatment center. Frank O’Dea, author of “When All You Have is Hope,” was his inspiration to get up and make a change in his life. And now Kelly is impacting others and helping them climb out of their own rock bottoms.

The challenge that many recovering addicts face is not having a purpose after recovery. They’ve spent their lives falling back on what felt safe to them, addiction, and didn’t know what to do after getting treatment. The result? They fall back into addiction in a vicious cycle. But Kelly recognized that there was more to him beyond what he was currently doing in his life. Which admittedly wasn’t much.

Kelly recognized something he was good at and took a low-paying job to better his skills, digging himself out of his self doubt. And now he’s helping others recognize their own tangible value so they can rebuild their own lives.

This conversation is so hopeful and inspiring, especially given my own personal connection to addiction and recovery and I can’t wait to hear what Kelly has in store for the future.

About Kelly Lydiard:

Kelly Lydiard is the founder and Chief Executive Officer of On A Dime Transformations. Kelly spent over 19 years battling addiction. His lived experience in transitioning from active addiction and homelessness into a meaningful career is his most valuable contribution to this project. Making the most of his experience by helping others is his “why” and this serves as the inspirational seed for On A Dime Transformations. On A Dime Transformations helps people in recovery from addictions build meaningful careers.

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