S11 | 10 – Finding Hope in New Treatments with Len Wiens

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Research uncovers new possibilities every day for mental health treatments, oftentimes looking more closely at products that are already within our reach. The trick is overcoming the stigma that is prevalent in our culture. Listen in to hear about some hope in new treatments that are out there.

S06 | 07 – Taking Back Control of Your Life with Dennis Shinski

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Long-time listeners of this podcast know that addiction is a topic close to my heart. It’s also very misunderstood. Addiction doesn’t discriminate. No matter your walk of life or your standing in society, you are susceptible to it and its effects. But today’s guest is here to tell us that it doesn’t have to be this way. Your life and …

S04 | 01 – Motivating Action During Active Addiction with Mike Davies

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Addiction is an isolating thief of joy, hope, and life. For someone facing active addiction, it can be difficult to find the motivation to reach out for the help they need. Feelings of shame and fear will often hold someone suffering from addiction back from getting help towards recovery. Today, Mike Davies joins us to share his incredible journey about …

S03 | 09 – Keeping Hope in the Midst of Addiction with Maureen Towns

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The side effects of a child facing drug or alcohol addiction can be devastating to the whole family. What are your next steps? Who do you go to for help? And how can you cope with all the changes that will come your way in a sustainable way? Do these feelings of hopelessness sound familiar to you? Maureen Towns endured …

Hard to Hopeful

S03 | 02 – From Hard to Hopeful Life with Kyle Radick

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In this episode, you’ll meet Kyle Radick, a Vancouver-based husband and father of two small boys. I’ve known Kyle a long time and think of him as a driven, motivated and hopeful guy, an attitude he’s developed through a ton of hard work as you’ll hear in his story. I love episodes like this because as Kyle is telling his …

Hope Motivates Action Podcast S1.E3. Hope

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Hope is a big motivator for me – that promise of a positive future outcome is what keeps me trying the next right thing. That’s what you’re going to hear in each and every episode of this podcast. Stories, advice and tips from people using hope to motivate action in their lives. Hello! My name is Lindsay Recknell and this …