S11 | 10 – Finding Hope in New Treatments with Len Wiens

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One of the most hopeful things about living today is that we’re constantly developing new tools and strategies to treat ailments that people of yesterday simply had to live with. Sometimes those tools have stigma put upon them by society, but with conversations and medical research, this week’s guest, Len Wiens, is hopeful that the tides may change.

Len and I have a fascinating conversation around the use of psychedelics to treat addiction, OCD, PTSD, and even end of life anxiety. As a researcher on the nature of perception, meaning, consciousness and the nature of reality, Len shares the history of psychedelics and what we can do to start to remove the stigma that alternative treatments have in our culture.

While neither Len nor I are medical professionals, there truly is emerging evidence to support psychedelic therapy. And those in this community see a lot of hope and optimism around their acceptance. Listen in to us walking through some of the challenges of using psychedelics and where the practice may go in the future.

About Len Wiens:

Len is a technology entrepreneur with a successful start-up in Canada’s Top 100 growth companies and an avid researcher on the nature of perception, meaning, consciousness and the nature of reality.  He supports select people on their healing journey, with a focus on depression, addiction and end-of-life care.

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