The happiest place on earth.

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I love Disneyland but I’m not sure it’s the happiest place on earth. It’s a very happy place…but the happiest? Not sure. Now, the arrivals lounge of an airport. Pretty happy! People waiting for their loved ones to arrive home from somewhere exotic and others waiting to reunite with friends. Sure, there’s the harried business people too but I’m also …


Did you know I’d lost it?

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I remember very clearly the day I recognized I got my hope back. It was a totally innocuous moment…driving to the grocery store, turning left at the lights near our house. I remember looking ahead at the cars coming the other direction but not really looking…focusing on some place in the distance with dizzy vision. I don’t even know what …

I may have a date.

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“I may have a date. Or maybe not. I’m not sure. But I am going for lunch with a male.” That’s how my day started, with one of the greatest texts. I love it for so many reasons – the tone feels hopeful, humble and excited. Cautious but confident. The woman who wrote it is a friend of mine – …