Hope Motivates Action Podcast S1.E3. Hope

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Hope is a big motivator for me – that promise of a positive future outcome is what keeps me trying the next right thing. That’s what you’re going to hear in each and every episode of this podcast. Stories, advice and tips from people using hope to motivate action in their lives.

Hello! My name is Lindsay Recknell and this is the Hope Motivates Action podcast. You’ve heard the first two episodes, where I was privileged to hang out and learn from some incredibly inspiring women. Women who have used the power of hope to motivate action in their lives. This episode is going to be a bit different – it’s a solo episode where I’ll share with you what HOPE means to me and why I started this journey of hope. I’ll share how I recognized when I got my HOPE back, even though I hadn’t recognized I’d lost it, and share how I used that HOPE to motivate action, to pull myself out of the status quo I was feeling.

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